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Suo Moto Disclosure

Suo Motu Disclosure of RTI Applications/Appeals received and their responses

Request Registration No.Request CategoryRequestRequest DocumentRequest Received DateReplyReply DocumentAppeal Registration No.AppealAppeal DocumentAppeal Received DateAppeal ReplyAppeal Reply Document
LICOI/R/2018/00148OTHERSpdf attachedhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=gNwC80ZOtfgD9IZFe4glbzgSyTFZYLgB3T%2F0EkWtDic%3D 07/03/2018pdf attachedhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=gNwC80ZOtfgD9IZFe4glbzgSyTFZYLgB3T%2F0EkWtDic%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50114OTHERSRequested Sir, Is there any Life Insurance Policy for Divyang Jan (Persons With Disability). If there is any LIC policy for Divyang Jan. Then Please provide details regarding this policy. Abhinav Guptahttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=4slST54HaXk3wQSROmyQFNNR7%2Fi%2F%2FG2cU0O7O1xyYsg%3D 09/03/2018Please refer scanned reply for informationhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=4slST54HaXk3wQSROmyQFNNR7%2Fi%2F%2FG2cU0O7O1xyYsg%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/80041OTHERSApplication Enclosedhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=5%2BTuTAr8vFYT9D8POfDSS%2BgSFdR7gGDBsuwXpRtJbVI%3D 16/03/2018Signed reply dispatched on 09.04.2018 PDF attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=5%2BTuTAr8vFYT9D8POfDSS%2BgSFdR7gGDBsuwXpRtJbVI%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/00171OTHERSPDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=%2Bn1oqAy1jfNGDYhthfojiDGLqcHQ9GdL3yYPTJEYMtM%3D 20/03/2018Offline case. CPIO reply is dispatched on 16.04.2018 by registered post. PDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=%2Bn1oqAy1jfNGDYhthfojiDGLqcHQ9GdL3yYPTJEYMtM%3D LICOI/A/2018/00035PDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=VklzAS0CBsWWa4blIXviHAY2%2FRxUI3arjQnvbLZy2C8%3D 30/05/2018CPIO reply is upheld. OFFLINE case. Appellate Order to be dispatched on 15.06.2018.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=VklzAS0CBsWWa4blIXviHAY2%2FRxUI3arjQnvbLZy2C8%3D
LICOI/R/2018/00176EMPLOYEESPDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=qfqfc2FLGc%2Bvv4R2wB0ffehhlDhVCm9zEriZ3drJdJY%3D 21/03/2018Reply dispatched on 13.04.2018 PDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=qfqfc2FLGc%2Bvv4R2wB0ffehhlDhVCm9zEriZ3drJdJY%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/90009OTHERSpartially transferred under section 6(3) of RTI Act, 2005 in respect of the point no. 3,4, and 5.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=1%2F7kZSW7EyXbG1WkFayY5qTcUxo4HgHH%2Fc4ujQfnCzY%3D 23/03/2018CPIO reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=1%2F7kZSW7EyXbG1WkFayY5qTcUxo4HgHH%2Fc4ujQfnCzY%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/00197OTHERSPDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=9kJ%2F0HWYdpMuFgDXFlqkMnf0tIGAiIT4u0xD3Sssi2E%3D 03/04/2018Reply to be dispatched on 19.04.2018 Offline case. PDF reply with encl is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=9kJ%2F0HWYdpMuFgDXFlqkMnf0tIGAiIT4u0xD3Sssi2E%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/80059OTHERSPlease provide list of executives who has been offered Domestic Foreign trip by Life Insurance/General Insurance companies for business garnered by them in banking industry.nil04/04/2018Reply to your above RTI application is attached. This application was transferred to LIC by the Department of Financial Services on 04/04/2018 With RTI Reference Number : DOFSR/R/2018/50338.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=SswkzBzi%2BpmcMiH7TKLqgvpoMwZd0HGOqmKFCOUImRU%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50181OTHERS1. Name of the union or association whose written letters or mails were received during the financial year 2016-17 and 2017-18. 2. Name of the union or association which are generally called during information sharing session. 3. Total no. of registered union in LICI and their names.nil06/04/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=Kb3MfVlkES4DYp2odoHM1cerIP3j%2FZQutTMEiSkSgsI%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50191OTHERSRTI Application.. Part I Following queries are related to LIC s Golden Jubilee Foundation Funding a. What are the projects funded in Western Zone divisions including Mumbai & Thane Divisions in Last Five financial years b. Furnish respective amounts in each project. c. Whether any cases where funds withheld due to non compliance/ incomplete / other reasons d. If so, give details viz. name of project, amount paid and withheld, Reasons. Part II. a. Kindly furnish me the details of investments/ shareholding/ stake holding /funding by LIC in Companies owned/partnered by Nirav Modi(NiMo), as on date. Furnish details viz. Name of Companies, respective amounts invested, dates of investment. b. Whether investment is/are there in Gitanjali Gems. If so, furnish amount and date/ dates of investment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=diI%2FUH%2FiMT07ou1Mpd34Yx1cA6bXnCEgG5ZHbvCe3qg%3D 09/04/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=diI%2FUH%2FiMT07ou1Mpd34Yx1cA6bXnCEgG5ZHbvCe3qg%3D LICOI/A/2018/60044RTI Appeal. This appeal is filed as I am not satisfied with the reply furnished by CPIO for my queries in Part II. Information was denied U/s 2 (i) and 8(1) (d) which is objectionable. The data of invhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=9W6ruZoFfXqIaEQ4wcjnciV8VNkipTcrbrnxGyumo5g%3D 10/05/2018We attach herewith the Appellate Order dated 19.05.2018, passed by the Appellate Authority in disposal of your Appeal dated 10.05.2018 under RTI Act, 2005.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=9W6ruZoFfXqIaEQ4wcjnciV8VNkipTcrbrnxGyumo5g%3D
LICOI/R/2018/50194OTHERSPlease provide me information on: 1) State-wise distribution of insurance office from 2000 to 2017nil10/04/2018Reply The applicant is informed that the information as sought is not readily available with the Office of the Public Authority. The same will have to be created by diverting the limited resources of https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=IZTziqw4hyzUkQU%2BRxqUYWHj%2BCF9OoTsRN0ZBFMz%2BsA%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50196OTHERSTo Central Public Information Officer Life Insurance Corporation of India Central Office Mumbai Sub: Application seeking information under the RTI Act Sir/Madam, It is required to provide following information under the RTI Act Details of information required: (a) Total number of vacant posts of Assistant Administrative Officers(AAO) in LIC for the current year(2018) including any backlog vacancies as on records. (b) Gross monthly and yearly emoluments of an AAO according to the latest revised pay commission. (c) Number of retirements in LIC for the year 2018 from the post of Assistant Administrative Officers(AAO) as on records. (d) Veracity of the news of the recruitment notification details of AAOs in LIC for the year 2018(if any) The above mentioned point no. (d) arises due to an emphatic news shared online by TOI as on Mar 13, 2018 12:35 IST reverbating the tentative recruitment of AAOs in LIC. Following is the link to the fulcrum:- https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/home/education/jobs/banking/lic-exams/articleshow/63281517.cms I euphemistically request your goodself to provide the information for point no. (d) whether it stands true or not in the records regarding recruitment of assistant administrative officer in LIC for the year 2018 is DUE as of now (or not). In case the information is held by or related to another public authority, the application or such part of it as may be appropriate may be transferred to that other public authority under intimation to the RTI Applicant- Gaurav Monga Note: Above information to be provided in .doc or .pdf format in order to print it Thanking you in anticipation Yours faithfully Gaurav Monga Mob: 9953087337 Email: gaurav21monga@gmail.comnil12/04/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=WolHVefh72qy42AV8QiGUF%2BpE%2FQ%2BsD66X8S0YqsvD%2F8%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50203EMPLOYEES1)How many permanent full time employees LIC have as on 31st march,2018 in following categories viz Total Employees, Total Male Employees, Total Female Employees, Total Employees from General Category, Total Employees from Other Backward Casts, Total Employees from Scheduled Casts, Total Employees from Schedules Tribes. 2)Give total number of permanent full time employees in LIC as on 31st march,2018 in Class I,II,III,IV and also give category wise(General,OBC,SC,ST) bifurcation of employees in each Class I,II,III,IV. 3)How many Class II employees(Development officers) are recruited by LIC from 1st April 2012 till 31st March 2018 and how many of them got confirmation in the service of LIC in that same period in Mumbai Divisions 1,2,3 and 4.nil16/04/2018pdfhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=Vpux6sky1dKRjk4WC0mhu1kT%2FVc8iODIe%2F%2BMqJe0vlk%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50205OTHERS1) Certified copy of all Rules, Orders, Instructions etc. regarding Electronic Policies issued by LIC of India. 2) Procedure and copy of all forms regarding conversion of existing LIC policies into electronic policies. 3) Certified copy of all Rules, Orders, Instructions etc. regarding Electronic Policies issued by Government of India. 4) Total no of new Electronic Policies issued by LIC of India for the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 5) Total no of converted Electronic Policies by LIC of India for the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. 6) Total no of non-converted Electronic Policies by LIC of India for the year 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=4X7HiMj51p%2B1MCyBK9slcfkVvvsV0eTQwyzFl%2FSJTXM%3D17/04/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=4X7HiMj51p%2B1MCyBK9slcfkVvvsV0eTQwyzFl%2FSJTXM%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/00220OTHERSAs per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=KWkgfMj5ftBzHQ5qi0XXJJSGwnzBs%2Bp4bhkbvxAeF3s%3D 17/04/2018As per PDF attachmenthttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=KWkgfMj5ftBzHQ5qi0XXJJSGwnzBs%2Bp4bhkbvxAeF3s%3D LICOI/A/2018/00038As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=LuZ2Oo7pwYvb8mAXj2IYSqQBAdMJ%2F6%2B5p1N0S3GafyA%3D 02/06/2018As per PDF attachmenthttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=LuZ2Oo7pwYvb8mAXj2IYSqQBAdMJ%2F6%2B5p1N0S3GafyA%3D
LICOI/R/2018/50215OTHERSA speed post article containing improper cheque issued by LICHFL was send via speed post number EU241060826IN which was delivered to LICHFL on 22nd March 2018. Kindly provide me the copy of action taken on filehttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=2yGtIeaqaO3jdsKzAgfgDL55ThDG0nnbApUmeQBpEDk%3D 20/04/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=2yGtIeaqaO3jdsKzAgfgDL55ThDG0nnbApUmeQBpEDk%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/00227OTHERSAs per PDF attachmenthttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=Cc8hcqYQmllnq9rV%2BfrJD4w7fN38Kn5Q0kcH%2BcouWOw%3D 20/04/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=Cc8hcqYQmllnq9rV%2BfrJD4w7fN38Kn5Q0kcH%2BcouWOw%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50221OTHERSSir, under RTI 2005 I want to get the following information. 1 What is the sanctioned strength of the Assistant Administrative Officer AAO in the organization. 2 How many Assistant Administrative Officer are employed presently in the organization. 3 Whether organization is considering for the recuitment of Assistant Administrative Officer or not.nil24/04/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=8jETP7YLwel%2FfM%2FIgWBEguwe%2BV5GgT0QLN8Y%2BZRJ%2FD0%3Dnilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50224OTHERSapplication attachedhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=BZOmv8Yr2N76I5kWfJ8d7Jh%2FVUU0eUPrZN31wlhrpM8%3D 25/04/2018Please refer to scanned reply for informationhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=BZOmv8Yr2N76I5kWfJ8d7Jh%2FVUU0eUPrZN31wlhrpM8%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/00247ADVOCATESpdfhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=zj4MOFUaXJelm7AZY8iHDfV7RyGMZuICQgGX8uWDbM8%3D 25/04/2018pdfhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=zj4MOFUaXJelm7AZY8iHDfV7RyGMZuICQgGX8uWDbM8%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50239OTHERSRespected sir / madam, The information i want to know is as follows: A PDO was appointed in Dec 2006 His probation period was extended by 3 months He got confirmed in March 2008 Later he got terminated in January 2014 He was denied reappointment in class 3, saying that he has not completed 7 appraisal years. But he has completed 7 years from his date of appointment as PDO. my questions are : 1. Will the length of service be counted from the date of appointment as PDO or not. 2. Which circular is followed in counting the length of service. With regardsnil29/04/2018pdfhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=ob%2FeNQi2sw3zGzQLsNXjui3TwWjyV4RtCNj6JmVrGSk%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/80084POLICYHOLDERSInformation related to Less payment under plan no.801(Wealth Plus Plan) Policy No.864688669https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=5Pz%2BlzbzYyeC5AKGNFFFjw83YcvgDc%2BqJwGx%2BFNJGqA%3D02/05/2018CPIO reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=5Pz%2BlzbzYyeC5AKGNFFFjw83YcvgDc%2BqJwGx%2BFNJGqA%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50244OTHERSIs it mandatory for a proposer or life assured to mension a personal mobile number to buy LIC Policy in proposal formnil03/05/2018please refer scanned reply for informationhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=6Bwt5KO7yZ7HkXU72xmbiJ8JMw%2F8qGFCZcNg5fa%2FnxQ%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50243OTHERSWhat is the procedure to change Date of Birth (DOB) in LIC Policynil03/05/2018CPIO reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=8po63VvYBfS1Hzg1UdKHVdpaUqWRk%2B0a3zoBgKnKpow%3Dnilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50249POLICYHOLDERS1-when was the new financial year started for lic in 2018 2-whether any new policy was issued between 1 april 2018-10april2018,kindly provide only nos 3-how many loan was issued between 1 april 2018-10 april 2018,kindly provide me nos of any one branch of India 4-In the costituency of Honble PM when the attendence of staff will be done through biometric method 5-lic term insurance is highest in premium compared to competitors ,if lic net profit is increasing then how it is highest whereas mortality rate applies same to all,tell reasonable answer 6-if net profit is increasing how the bonus is decreasing,tell reasonable answer 7-as i had visited one branch (28N) of lic i came to know that lic is spending a huge amount on daily wager,kindly provide me the amount spend on daily wager in varanasi distt 5 branches i.e cbo-1,cbo-2,cbo-3,cbo-4,dbo & sarnath branch 8-whether the amount paid on daily wager is given by my premium paid on policies taken by me,kindly answer in yes or nonil08/05/2018CPIO reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=IJqy9fFbLuQhenZXD9WWz16l5V4U%2FTTgBWUBvd39oNI%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50255OTHERSIn life insurance policies : a) For a life insurance policy (as per existing provisions), is it right to say child/spouse/parents can only be made a nominee . b) For a life insurance policy (as per existing provisions), is it right to say child/spouse/parents/blood relative can only be made a nominee . c) Who all can be nominee in a life insurance policy. Is it compulsory that a nomination has to be filed at the time of giving policy papers or can the nomination be filed at a later stage by way of endorsement or will . d) Has there been any change in the legal definition of nominee after the IRDAI amendment act 2015 for life insurance policies. If yes then what are the changes that have been incorporated in the definition of a nominee e) What was the definition of a nominee (for a life insurance policy) before the amendment act 2015. f) Has the definition of nominee been differently defined for the purpose of life insurance and non life insurance g) Has the provision that only a child/parent/spouse/blood relative can be made a nominee in life insurance policies ever existed in last 25 yearsnil10/05/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=AwpVETkASE5p7tjWvjba8ucdfaa97lBPZJo4E4FESGA%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50261OTHERSCan a person buy LIC policy in india from LIC Branch office without specifying his/her mobile number in proposal formnil11/05/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=rLDgO07fYGpJ5pJdd40WpEN7h8JrwjujJ4JX6sRv3QQ%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/80095OTHERS1. FALL DOWN FROM STAIRS ACCIDENENTAL DEATH HAI KRIPIYA SUCHNA PRADAN KARE. 2.GHAR/HOME ME BANI SIDIYO SE GIR JANA DURGHTNA MRATYU HAI VA AAPKI COMPNY DWARA IS CASE ME ACCIDENTAL CLAIM DIYA JA SAKTA HAI YA NAHI SUCHNA PRADAN KARE. 3.POINT NO 2 KE ANUSAR IS CASE ME F.I.R AUR POSMOTOM REPORT HONA JARURI HAI SUCHNA PRADAN KARE. 4.PRADHAN MANTRI JEEVAN JYOTI BEEMA YOJNA ME DATE OF ENROLLMENT SE 45 DAYS KE ANDER ACCIDENTAL DEATH HONE PAR KAUN KAUN SE DASTVEJ JARURI HAI KIPIYA SUCHNA PRADAN KAREnil14/05/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=U%2BySQaYp1rMhYAvLieqRhS0Mkg%2BqVXzXYNrQEzdbyys%3D LICOI/A/2018/60053point no 1 se 3 tak cpio ne reply nahi diya aur bharmit kiya ki suchna nahi ray/salah mangi gayi hai jabki shrimaan ji prarthi ne nimn suchnye mangi thi jo ki suchna ki shreni me aati hai 1. FALL DOWNnil10/06/2018nilhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=p2pPBUOsuDaGOzLrGSbCb65SZjtUjbbexvxLsk6U3wU%3D
LICOI/R/2018/00284OTHERSPDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=vKFn0ssAth0f0225jdcbc66jwNHOGt7YhLMNvW59ekg%3D 16/05/2018Offline case. Reply to be dispatched on 04.06.2018 Reply pdf is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=vKFn0ssAth0f0225jdcbc66jwNHOGt7YhLMNvW59ekg%3D LICOI/A/2018/00052Appeal PDF is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=LC%2F8Z7mqDdLXCDG01CIrTUaA%2FtVKAqPIS4pGCSDQTHw%3D 10/07/2018AO dispatched on 21.07.2018 OFFLINE case. AO part only attached in word to PDFhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=LC%2F8Z7mqDdLXCDG01CIrTUaA%2FtVKAqPIS4pGCSDQTHw%3D
LICOI/R/2018/50286OTHERS1. Is there any vacancy in AAO post,if yes, whether the recruitment of AAO will be advertised in 2018.nil23/05/2018As per PDF attachment.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=%2FfC%2FZuLYYxTGgqj3%2FXAr8QcXb1jI9E%2BdnHqLwdeQj4Y%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50302OTHERSDear sir, Kindly send the following copies under RTI. 1.LIC procedure guidelines during the period January 2011 to December 2013 for claiming the policy by the nominee during the death of policy holder. 2.LIC procedure guidelines during the period January 2014 to December 2015 for claiming the policy by the nominee during the death of policy holder. 3.LIC procedure guidelines during the period January 2016 to December 2017 for claiming the policy by the nominee during the death of policy holder. 4.LIC procedure guidelines during the period January 2018 to May 2018 for claiming the policy by the nominee during the death of policy holder.nil31/05/2018PLEASE REFER SCANNED REPLY FOR INFORMATIONhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=Qx5fFJApbwKSNE4Gba6sshHCLRw0%2Fgm6vR7TMUSUdco%3Dnilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/50303OTHERSDear sir, Kindly send the following copies under RTI. 1.LIC procedure guidelines in the matter of verification/certification of death of policy holder and roles and responsibilities of LIC employees involved in the process starting from submission of application for claiming the policy by the nominee and till last step of releasing the payment (during the period January 2011 to December 2013). 2.LIC procedure guidelines in the matter of verification/certification of death of policy holder and roles and responsibilities of LIC employees involved in the process starting from submission of application for claiming the policy by the nominee and till last step of releasing the payment (during the period January 2014 to December 2015). 3.LIC procedure guidelines in the matter of verification/certification of death of policy holder and roles and responsibilities of LIC employees involved in the process starting from submission of application for claiming the policy by the nominee and till last step of releasing the payment (during the period January 2016 to December 2017). 4.LIC procedure guidelines in the matter of verification/certification of death of policy holder and roles and responsibilities of LIC employees involved in the process starting from submission of application for claiming the policy by the nominee and till last step of releasing the payment (during the period January 2018 to May 2018). Thank you sir.nil31/05/2018PLEASE REFER SCANNED REPLY FOR INFORMATIONhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=cUWNTpa0ZTfNs4O5ARZpsuKIhjFBnrJdMujdpaG5Fl4%3D LICOI/A/2018/60059Dear Sir, The APIO has provided misleading and false information. My request is very clear as below:- Kindly send the following copies under RTI: 1.LIC procedure guidelines in the matter of verificatihttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=rOTWSzQQgV2sHkVhglrV7JNVjViqUD1t%2FbduMoRsteg%3D 19/06/2018Please refer to the scanned appellate order for informationhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=rOTWSzQQgV2sHkVhglrV7JNVjViqUD1t%2FbduMoRsteg%3D
LICOI/R/2018/50321OTHERS1. Can an LIC policy be surrendered in any LIC branch in India. 2. Can an LIC policy after maturity be submitted for closer in any branch of LIC in India.nil04/06/2018Reply is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=JnzWuP0%2BgM24QT2f7NgW%2B4GPSIMOY36vtvuXj%2FdDFhQ%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2018/80121OTHERSplease provide me point wise reply to the below mentioned queries in respect of LIC Wealth Plus Plan : 1. When was the LIC Wealth Plus Plan launched. 2. How much of the investment premium of Rs. 40,000/- of LIC Wealth Plus Plan was invested and how much was used as expenses, commission etc. provide me the break up of proportion of investment to expenses. 3. what were the terms and conditions regarding payment of maturity amount at highest NAV of first 7 years or at the date of maturity. 4. what was the NAV at which the investment premium was invested. 5. what was the NAV at which the payment was proposed to be disbursed at the time of launch of scheme, at the end of first year, at the end of second year, at the end of third year, at the end of fourth year, at the end of fifth year, at the end of sixth year, at the end of seventh year and at the end of maturity. 6. how much amount was paid on maturity who has invested Rs 40,000/-. 7. Was the maturity amount paid at highest NAV as documented or not. If yes, at which NAV maturity was paid and when it was paid. 8. What was the terms and conditions of this plan.nil05/06/2018please refer scanned reply for informationhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=Ua9g0SRZ1jnEJ0b6xXrbRIvU7olSk5QiqmEhyTr0dXk%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2016/00460nilImplementation of OM regarding posting of husband and wife at same station. The application has been transferred from MOF as applicant is enquiring about status of implementation by Insurance Companieshttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=smMrZ4YVzp9sqoPG4uvVvOWvLOW0JHbTrdzkKBqlN6s%3D 20/05/2016Please see attached PDF filehttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=smMrZ4YVzp9sqoPG4uvVvOWvLOW0JHbTrdzkKBqlN6s%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2016/00508nilAS PER PDF ATTACHED https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=ECyu5fba3kkk4eNjA3FCUPAvxH0QoCsb1AiEOxFBv%2FM%3D03/06/2016AS PER PDF ATTACHEDhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=ECyu5fba3kkk4eNjA3FCUPAvxH0QoCsb1AiEOxFBv%2FM%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2016/80409nilI am serving LICI for more than 33 years.Recently I have been transferred on promotion from present location to another Division(Kolkata). Only 1 year 21 months service is left. Am I not entitled for choice posting near to my home town / Division.nil11/07/2016Please see the attached PDF document for CPIos decisionhttps://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=b8h9nAyDZkc39YUB8NMj7QIEN%2FDrlhZ%2BwGVJTcnz4sg%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2016/50373nilProvide me the information sought by me in the supporting document.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_request.php?reg=%2FHUgOzDGiv4%2FAEOn5Bdbtq1B7iHExzY7s%2BgDVNr9mjM%3D 06/08/2016Signed reply of the CPIO is attached.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=%2FHUgOzDGiv4%2FAEOn5Bdbtq1B7iHExzY7s%2BgDVNr9mjM%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
LICOI/R/2017/50092OTHERSi want to information- 1. provide a copy of special rule 2009 and 2016 for development officer class 2 processes of get noc for apply in competition examination and rule for provide NOC FOR EXAMINATION to employee 3.process of calculation of cost ratio for termination of devlopment officer. how calculate and time period of development officer for cost ratio for termination.nil07/03/2017A scanned copy of the reply of the CPIO is uploaded in PDF.https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/viewpdf_reply.php?regId=tknrheL1DlV1q5FMJAAdMZNIhJlxHGZSgEymIKWiJ84%3D nilnilnilnilnilnil
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