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How To Apply I

I) How To Apply

  1. Apply in FORM A or FORM B( As per instrument applied for), to be typed on borrower Company's letter head,duly signed by authorized official. (Click for Form A(Term Loan) (Click for Form B (Debenture))

  2. Copies of 3 Years Annual report.

  3. Latest Quarterly Accounts and balance sheet.

  4. Debt servicing details for last two calendar years from the banker's / lending institutions.

  5. Information memorandum and Term sheet.

  6. Rating of the Instrument / Total long term debt of the Company along with rationale for rating.

  7. List of all statutory compliances required for the Issue/Debt and compliance status.

  8. After scrutiny of proposal the Corporation may call for any other requirement.

(All Documents to be attested by the authorized person of the Company).