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The PROPOSAL-FORM is a Word Document template which enables you to fill up the Proposal form on a PC and take a Printout .

Filling the Form on a Personal Computer . ( MS WORD ) .

Once you download the form . You can save the form as template for regular use , or just use the form as a word document. In the later case the document type must be changed from template to word document.

From the File menu, choose New . Under Template select the provided template . You must save the template in the appropriate template directory on your PC .

OR double click on this file and a document will be opened.

Once you double click on the template , you get a document which you can fill , save and take a Print out of the Same .


(i) Please use TAB, do not use the ENTER key to move to the next field . SHIFT + TAB or the UP ARROW KEY can be used to move to a previous field .
(ii) Press F1 for the display of the HELP text for a form field .
(iii) Press F4 for the display of the dropdown list wherever available. The presence of the dropdown list is indicated by ‘---‘ in the form field .
(iv) There is also display on the Status Bar about the item to be entered in form field.

Once filled up the form can be saved using the File menu – Save As option.

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