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Insurance Ombudsman

The Institution of Insurance Ombudsman was created by Government of India (notification dated 11/11/1998) with the purpose of quick disposal of grievances of the insured customer and to mitigate their problems involved in redressal of their grievances. The Insurance Ombudsman are appointed by the Governing Body of Insurance Council (GBIC) and are empowered to entertain complaints on the following aspects in respect of personal line insurance:

a. Any Partial or total repudiation of claims by an insurer
b. Delay in settlement of claims
c. Any disputes in regards to premiums paid or payable in terms of the policy
d. Any dispute on the legal construction of the policies in so far as such disputes relate to claims.
e. Non-issue of Insurance document to Customers after receipt of premium.

The complainant can approach the Office of Insurance Ombudsman as per jurisdiction, for value of the claim including expenses not exceeding Rs 20 lacs, within 1 year from the date of rejection/repudiation/partial settlement of claim by the Insurer. The complaint shall be in writing duly signed by the policyholder or claimant/ legal heirs. The forum of Insurance Ombudsman does not charge any fees for filing the complaint. The complainant should not have approached any other forum/court/arbitrator on the same subject matter of the claim.

Click here for address/contact details and jurisdiction of Insurance Ombudsman offices.