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महत्वाच्या व्यक्ती

महत्वाच्या व्यक्ती

1. Shri. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Chairman
2. Smt. Usha Sangwan, Managing Director
3.Shri Hemant Bhargava, Managing Director
4.Shri B Venugopal, Managing Director
5.Smt. Sunita Sharma, Managing Director
6. Smt Sarojini Dikhale, Executive Director (Marketing) , Chief Marketing Officer
7. Shri Praveen Kumar Molri. Executive Director (Investment Operations), Chief Investment Officer
8. Shri. Niraj Agarwal, Executive Director (Audit) - Chief Internal Audit
9. Smt S.S.Soman Chief (Finance and Accounts), Chief Finance Officer
10. Shri Pradeep Kumar Jain, Executive Director (Investment - RMR), Chief Risk Officer
11.Shri Devki Nandan Joshi, Executive Director (Board Sectt./GJF/Compliance) - Chief Compliance Officer
12. Shri. Dinesh Pant - Appointed Actuary