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June 2016

June - 2016
L-1- REV. ACCOUNT 30.06.2016
L-2- P&L - 30.06.2016
L-3 - BS -30.06.2016
L-4- PREM. L-5 -COMM 30.06.2016
L-6- OP EX. L-7- BEN PAID 30.06.2016
L-8-SH.CAP. L-9- SH. PATT. L-10- RES 30.06.2016
L-11 BOR- L2- IN SH L-13- INV L-14- ASST LINK 30.06.2016
L-15- LOAN 30.06.2016
L-16- FIXED ASSETS 30.06.2016
L- 17-CASH, L-18-ADV, L-19- CUR. LIAB, L-20- PROV. and L-21-MISC. 30.06.2016
L-22- RATIO 30.06.2016
L-24 - Valuation of Net Liabilities
L-24 - Valuation of Net Liabilities (Hindi)
L-25 Individual-June'16
L-25 (ii)  Geographical Distribution Channel (Group)
L-29 Linked
L-29 Non-Linked
L-30-Related Party Transactions 30.06.16
L-32 - Solvency Margin
L-32 - Solvency Margin (Hindi)
L-33 Life
L-33 Linked
L-33 Pension
L-34 Life
L-34 Linked
L-34 Pension
L-35 Life
L-35 Linked
L-35 Pension
L-36-Premium and number of lives
L-37 : Business Acquisition through different Channels (Group)
L-38 Business Acquisition-June 2016
L-39 Agening of claims statement as at 30.06.2016
L-40 Statements of claims data
L-41 Greivance Disposal-Qly
L-42 Valuation Basis - Group
L-42 - Valuation Basis (Individual)
L-42 - Valuation Basis (Individual) (Hindi)
L-42 - Valuation Basis (Individual) - Annexure (Hindi)
L-42 - Valuation Basis (Individual) - Annexure
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