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As at 30 June 2019



1. L-1 Rev Acc as on 30.06.2019(270 KB)
2. L-2 P&L as on 30.06.2019(194 KB)
3. L-3 Balance Sheet as on 30.06.2019(266 KB)
4. L-4 PREM, L-5 COMM as on 30.06.2019(191 KB)
5. L-6 OP EXP., L-7 BEN PAID as on 30.06.2019(199 KB)
6. L-8 SHARE CAP, L-9 PATT SH, L-10 RES & SUR as on 30.06.2019(196 KB)
7. L-11 BORR, L-12 IN SH, L-13 IN POL, L-14 ASSETS HELD TO COVER LINK LIAB as on 30.06.2019(213 KB)
8. L-15 LOANS as on 30.06.2019(188 KB)
9. L-16 FIXED ASSETS as on 30.06.2019(201 KB)
10. L-17 CASH, L-18 ADV AND OT ASSETS, L-19 CURR LIAB., L-20 PROV., L-21 MISC. EXP. as on 30.06.2019(211 KB)
11. L-22 ANALYTICAL RATIOS as on 30.06.2019(373 KB)
12. L-24 Valuation of Net Liabilities (Hindi) as on 30.06.2019(448 KB)
13. L-24 Valuation of Net Liabilities as on 30.06.2019(240 KB)
14. L-25 Geographical Distribution Channel-Group as on 30.06.2019(453 KB)
15. L-25 Geographical Distribution Channel-Individuals as on 30.06.2019(54 KB)
16. L-26 as on 30.06.2019(504 KB)
17. L-27-ULIP as on 30.06.2019(357 KB)
18. L-28-NAV as on 30.06.2019(202 KB)
19. L-29-Debt Securities-Life as on 30.06.2019(177 KB)
20. L-29-Debt Securities-Ulip as on 30.06.2019(171 KB)
21. L-30 Related Party Transactions as on 30.06.2019(458 KB)
22. L-31 Key Persons as on 30.06.2019(19.3 KB)
23. L-32 Solvency Margin (Hindi) as on 30.06.2019(484 KB)
24. L-32 Solvency Margin as on 30.06.2019(255 KB)
25. L-33-NPA-Life as on 30.06.2019(895 KB)
26. L-33-NPA-Pension as on 30.06.2019(506 KB)
27. L-33-NPA-Ulipas on 30.06.2019(189 KB)
28. L-34(Non Linked) as on 30.06.2019(497 KB)
29. L-34-Investment-Pension as on 30.06.2019(489 KB)
30. L-34-Investment-Ulip as on 30.06.2019(338 KB)
31. L-35 Downgraded Ratings (Life) as on 30.06.2019(505KB)
32. L-35-Downgraded Ratings-Pension as on 30.06.2019(203 KB)
33. L-35-Downgraded Ratings-Ulip as on 30.06.2019(356 KB)
34. L-36-Premium and number of lives 30.06.2019(432 KB)
35. L-37 Business Acquisition through Different Channels as on 30.06.2019(46.3 KB)
36. L-38 Business Acquisition through different channels (Individuals) as on 30.06.2019(27.2 KB)
37. L-39 Agening of claims statement as on 30.06.2019(98.1 KB)
38. L-40 Statements of claims data 30.06.2019(102 KB)
39. L-41 as on 30.06.2019(610 KB)
40. L-41 Grievance Disposal-Qly-30.06.2019(48.7 KB)
41. L41- Periodic disclosures as on 30.06.2019(374 KB)
42. L-42 Valuation Basis (Individual) (Hindi) as on 30.06.2019(561 KB)
43. L-42 Valuation Basis (Individual) as on 30.06.2019(290 KB)
44. L-42 Valuation Basis (Group Business) as on 30.06.2019(166 KB)
45. L -42 (Valuation Basis - Individual) - Annexure (Hindi) as on 30.06.2019(37 KB)
46. L -42 (Valuation Basis - Individual) - Annexure as on 30.06.2019(37 KB)