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Grievance Redressal System In LIC of India

In a vast organisation like LIC, catering to the various needs and aspirations of millions of policyholders, grievances of customers do arise occasionally. In order to redress these grievance LIC has established an elaborate Grievance Rederessal Machinery and the details are as under:

Grievance Redressal Policy

I) Grievance Redressal Officers:
Grievance Redressal Officers have been designated at all levels of the Organisation :

At the Branch level: The Sr/Branch manager Click here for the list(337 KB)
At the Divisional level: Manager, CRM Click here for the list(117 KB)
At the Zonal level: The Regional Manager CRM  Click here for the list (367 KB)
At the Central level: The Executive Director CRM Click here for the list (323 KB)
For P&GS policies:
At the Zonal level: The Regional Manager (Pension and Group Schemes)

Policyholders can personally contact these designated Officials and seek redressal of their grievances.

The respective Grievance Redressal Officers are available at their Offices for personal interviews with the customers on all Mondays between 2.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., except on holidays without prior appointment.

Customers can meet the Grievance Redressal Officers on other days also with prior appointment.

The names of the Grievance Redressal Officers are displayed in the respective Offices and are periodically published in the local newspapers.

II) Claims Dispute Redressal Committees:
The Corporation settles a large number of Death Claims every year and adopts fair practices in the matter of settlement of claims. It is not the policy of the Corporation to repudiate a genuine claim. Furthering this cause, LIC pioneered the initiative of introducing an internal review mechanism in the year 1979 to give an opportunity to the claimants to appeal for review, whenever a claim is repudiated. The Claims Dispute Redressal Committee is functioning at the Corporate Level and all eight Zonal offices. The Central Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee [CO CDRC] is functional at Central Office, Mumbai and the Zonal Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee [ZO CDRC] is functioning in all Zonal Offices located at Delhi, Kanpur, Bhopal, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Patna.
The Committee consists of senior officials at the Zonal/Central Office and a retired District/ High Court Judge. 
Whenever a claim is repudiated, the claimant is explicitly informed of the grounds of repudiation and provided with the address of the Zonal Office Claims Dispute Redressal Committee (ZO-CDRC) to prefer his/her appeal.
If the decision to repudiate the claim is upheld by the said Committee, then depending on the net claim amount, the claimant is either provided with the address of the Insurance Ombudsman or with the address of the Central Office -Claims Dispute Redressal Committee (CO CDRC).
Again, if the decision to repudiate the claim is upheld by the CO-CDRC, the claimant is provided with the address of the Insurance Ombudsman to whom the claimant may prefer an appeal. (for details, please click on Insurance Ombudsman) 
The internal mechanism for review of repudiated claims adopted by LIC has ensured transparency and confidence in our operations and has resulted in greater satisfaction amongst the claimants and policyholders. 

III) Policyholder Councils And Zonal Advisory Boards:
In all the 113 Divisional Centres, Policyholders' Councils have been established. Three policyholders of the area represent the interest of the policyholders and interact with the Divisional Management on consumer concerns. Similarly, at all the eight Zonal Centres, Zonal Advisory Boards are functioning.

IV) Citizens' Charter:
LIC has adopted a Citizens Charter through which it reiterates its commitments to the customers and the standards for general procedures, the standards for policy servicing, the standards for easy access to information for customers and the standards for fairness in dealing with the customers have been laid down.

Report any breach of ethics to our Chief Vigilance Officer (637 KB)