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"EMPANELMENT OF CONTRACTORS/FIRM/VENDORS FOR Group-1 (A) Electrical installation & R&M work (B) Civil, Painting & Carpentry Works (C) Sanitary and Plumbing works (D) Anti termite & Pest control (E) Furniture repair (Modular & Non Modular chair) (F) Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)of UPS and servo/stabilizer (G) Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract (CAMC)of AC, (H) Supply of AC, Water Cooler, Voltage stabilizer & its fixing CAMC (I)Supply of CCTV and other security gadgets & its installation & CAMC (J) Annual Rate Contract for the replacement of SMF batteries for the existing on line UPS (K) Supply of Air Cooler, heaters, other electric appliances (L) AMC Of Fire Alarm and hydrant system, (M) AMC & Refilling Of Fire Extinguisher's cylinders (N) Supply of computer peripherals’ and repair of TVS Printer head (24pin) (O) Supply of table stationary & office stationary,(P)Supply of Invelops, PlasticWallets, Dockets (Q) printed stationary, offsets/screen printing,(R) Computer Consumable stationary(S) Printing of policy and Group-2 (A)-GENERATOR work of Allahabad Division only." - OS_Allahabad D.O.

Date 25 Mar, 2021
Tender Document 1 Tender(1299 KB)  PDF Document Format (1299 KB)

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