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"RFP for LINE PRINTERS 2020-2021 RFP REF: LIC/CO/IT-BPR/HW/Line Printer/2020-2021/07 Dated:28/12/2020." - CO_IT

Date 27 Jan, 2021
Tender Document 1 RFP for Line Printers 2020-2021-Final 28122020(1214 KB)  PDF Document Format (1214 KB)
Tender Document 2 Annexure-I-Technical-Line-Printer_2020-2021.xlspdf image(66 KB)
Tender Document 3 Annexure-II-Commercial-Line-Printer_2020-2021.xlspdf image(69 KB)
Tender Document 4 Corrigendum - Ipdf image(186 KB)
Tender Document 5 Corrigendum - II (27.01.2021)pdf image (301 KB)
Tender Document 6 Revised Annexure-Ipdf image (65 KB)
Tender Document 7 Revised Annexure-IIpdf image (74 KB)
Tender Document 8 Revised MAFpdf image (186 KB)
Tender Document 9 Revised Annexure-V-Undertaking of Warranty and AMCpdf image (185 KB)
Tender Document 10 Pre Bid queriespdf image(53 KB)

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