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"Corrigendum to RFP for Supply, Installation, Integration and Support of Network Modems etc. for LIC of India Ref: CO/IT-BPR/NW/RFP/2019-20/01 Dated: 30/05/2019"- Revised Technical Specifications, revised SLA, revised Eligibility Criteria, revised Annexures, responses to pre-bid queries, Corrigenda to RFP points"

Region - -
Department - -
RFP document
Pre-Contract Integrity Pact
Technical Specifications
Commercial Specifications
Extension of bid submission date
Responses to Pre-bid queries
Corrigendum-1 to the RFP
Corrigendum- 2 to the RFP
Revised Annexures
Revised Eligibility Criteria
Revised SLAs
Revised Technical Specifications
Revised Bid Submission Date and revised Date of Eligibility Bid & Technical Bid Opening
Successful-L1 Bidder-Declaration-Modems

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