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Tender for "Hosting of eFEAP Next Infrastructure in Co-location Data Center Ref: LIC/CO/IT-SD/EFEAP-NEXT/COLOCATION/2019-20/17 Dated: 30/10/2019, Co-Location: NCR"

Date 11 ऑग., 2020
Tender Document 1 LIC-RFP-eFEAP-NEXT-COLO-NCR(932 KB)  PDF Document Format (932 KB)
Tender Document 2 Annexure_D_Technical-NCRpdf image(28 KB)
Tender Document 3 Annexure_H_Commercial-NCRpdf image(74 KB)
Tender Document 4 Corrigendum-I (NCR)pdf image(27 KB)
Tender Document 5 Corrigendum-II (NCR)pdf image (24 KB)
Tender Document 6 Declaration of Shortlisted Bidders after Eligibility Bid-NCRpdf image (22 KB)
Tender Document 7 Result of Evaluation of Technical bid - 11.08.2020pdf image (420 KB)

Last modified date :11-08-2020