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NACH Dishonour reasons

Code Reason for Dishonor
1 Account Closed
2 No such account 
3 Account Desc. does not tally 
4 Balance Insufficient
5 Not Arranged For 
6 Payment Stopped By Drawer 
7 Payment Stopped By Court Order 
8 Mandate not recd. by Bank 
9 Miscellenous 
11 Invalid IFSC/MICR code 
12 Mismatch in mandate frequency 
13 Duplicate Transaction 
21 Invalid UMRN/Inactive Mandate 
22 Mandate not valid for Debit Transaction 
23 Mismatch in mandate debtor account number 
24 Mismatch in mandate debtor bank 
25 Mismatch in mandate currency 
26 Amount exceeds mandate max amount 
27 Mandate amount mismatch 
28 Date is before mandate start date 
29 Date is after mandate end date 
31 Duplicate reference number 
32 Invalid Date 
33 Item Unwound 
34 Invalid amount 
51 KYC Documents Pending-Contact Bank 
52 KYC Documents Pending-Account Holder Turning Major-Contact Bank
53 Misc-Inactive A/c 
54 Misc-Dormant A/c 
55 Misc-Inactive A/c 
56 Misc-First tr. to be from base br. 
57 Amount Exceeds limit set on Account by Bank For Debit per Transaction
58 Account reached maximum debit limit set on Account by Bank
59 Misc-Network failure 
61  Misc-Mandate cancelled 
68  Misc-A/C Blocked or Frozen 
69  Misc-Customer Insolvent/Insane 
70  Customer to refer to Bank Branch/Short Account Number 
71  Misc-Invalid Account 
72  Misc-Item Cancelled 
73  Misc-Settlement Failed 
74  Misc-Invalid file format 
75  Transaction has been cancelled by user 
76  Invalid Aadhar format 
77  Misc-Invalid currency 
78  Misc-Invalid Bank identifier 
79  File sent after EOD & befort SOD 
80  Misc-Wrong IIN 
81  Misc-Product is missing 
82  Misc-Item marked pending 
83  Misc-Unsupported field 
84  Misc-Invalid data format 
85  Bank/MICR is not participating in NACH
86  Misc-Invalid Transaction code 
87  Missing original transaction 
88  Invalid original transaction 
89  Original date mismatch 
90  Amount does not match with original 
91  Information does not match with original 
92  Misc-Core error 
93  Wrong clearing house name in SFG 
94  Misc-Amount is zero 
95  Misc-Inactive Aadhar 
96  Aadhar mapping not exist/not mapped to IIN 
97  Bad batch corporate user number/name 
98  Bad item corporate user number/name 
99  Too many mark pending returns 
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