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Pension & Group Schemes

Group Insurance covers a group of lives under one contract. It can be employer- employee group or any other homogeneous group formed for purposes other than obtaining insurance.

In addition to providing group insurance cover, the P&GS Department also offers Fund management services to the Employer Group through its dedicated Gratuity, Superannuation and Leave Encashment schemes. It provides customized solutions to the customers at a group level. It is also the Annuity Provider for the employees who are retiring or exiting the company.

The Department provides customized insurance/ benefit administration schemes specifically designed as per respective governments – State and Central.

Image of Pension & Group Schemes

"Format of Existence Certificate for Group Annuities"(386 KB)



P&GS Products
Sr. No. Product Name UIN No Policy Document Sales Brochure
1 LIC's New Group Superannuation Cash Accumulation Plan 512N274V03 PDF(266 KB) PDF(217 KB)
2 LIC's New Group Gratuity Cash Accumulation Plan 512N281V03 PDF(2.3 MB) PDF(212 KB)
3 LIC's New Group Leave Encashment Plan 512N282V03 PDF(2.4 MB) PDF(212 KB)
4 LIC's Group Credit Life Insurance 512N302V01 PDF(280 KB) PDF(832 KB)
5 LIC's Single Premium Group Insurance 512N298V01 PDF(151 KB) PDF(161 KB)
6 LIC's New One Year Renewable Group Term Assurance Plan I 512N275V01 PDF(166 KB) PDF(74 KB)
7 LIC's New One Year Renewable Group Term Assurance Plan II 512N276V01 PDF(165 KB) PDF(75 KB)
8 LIC's One Year Renewable Group Micro Term Assurance Plan 512N335V01 PDF(194 KB) PDF(94 KB)
9 Group Immediate Annuities 512N049V01 - -
10 Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana 512G300V01 - -



Withdrawn P&GS Products
Sr. No. Product Name
1 GMRA Scheme (UIN : 512N219V01)(113 KB)
2 Gratuity Plus(74.9 KB)
3 Group Flexi Income Plan(66 KB)

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