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Customer Services

In these challenging times, LIC understands the difficulties our customers may be facing to manage their policies or seek specific services. We assure you that we are doing our best to ensure that your policy needs are addressed from the comfort of your home which is why our online services are available on a 24/7 basis. Please stay home and stay safe.

Please click here to watch an explainer video on how to update your contact details on our website

Agent Support

Our Agents are the lifeline of our organisation and have always been committed to provide our customers with quality service. This pandemic has hit them harder than ever and yet they are keeping to the true spirit of LIC even in these difficult times. In this section, our agents can share updates of the various activities they are performing to help the people most affected by this crisis. This is also a space where our agents can unwind and share their lockdown stories with their peers.

Employees Corner

Our employees are working day and night to ensure that you are provided with the quality service you have come to expect from LIC. With certain parts of the Nation partially lifting the lockdown and essential services being operational, it is our duty to ensure that our branches that will open to the public is sanitized with due diligence and is following all the guidelines. In this section, our employees can share the social activities they are conducting to provide support to those most affected by this pandemic. This is also a space for our employees to unwind by sharing their lockdown stories with their peers.


This is a challenging time for our Nation and its people. LIC is committed to support the Nation in every way we can. Take a look at the measures and initiatives taken by us to help the country through this difficult time.