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Important Information for Portal users

Customer Portal

Policyholders can enroll policies on their own life only. If the policy pertains to a different person viz. spouse, children etc, then he/she is requested to register a separate user-id and enroll the respective policy/ies under that user-id

Agent Portal

All the Agents who do not have Password can now contact the SDM Secretariat of their Divisions for the passwords. The Agent portal is available only for Agents with inforce status i.e. where exit code in the Agency Master is zero. If the license has expired or the Agent has resigned the Portal will not be available. The Agent portal should be used on the lines of the Privacy Policy mentioned on the website and if it is found that the portal is used in any other manner then the particular login will be immediately disabled. For some of the portal users the status report is not displayed when policy no is keyed in. This happens because the popups are blocked. You can either press control key(Ctrl) while keying in Policy no or follow the steps to allow popups from the site. The status report is available only for policies belonging to that particular Agency and not for all Policies.

For SMS Enquiry of U&R Decisions, Type [UNR] [Proposal No] [Branch Code] and send it to 56677

Merchant Portal

All the Agents who have been empowered to collect Premium are also provided the Agent Portal Password . These Passwords can be collected either from the SDM Secretariats or the Branch Managers of the respective Agents.

Development Officer Portal

All the Development officers have been provided with the password for the D.O Portal. These passwords can be collected from the SDM Secretariats.

Branch Users

Those Branches not having passwords for their portal can also contact SDM Secretariat for the passwords.

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