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AABY Structure Renewal data

Structure for Members' Data for Renewal of AABY /SHG schemes

Policy Number    number(10)
LIC Id       number(10) 
Member Id    char(30)
Member Name  char(50)
Father or Husband Name char(50)
Father or Husband (F or H)  char(1)
Sex of member           (M or F or T)    char(1)
Date of birth of member  date
Caste (as per codes provided)  char(5)
House / Street name   char(50)
Village Name   char(50)
Taluka char(50)
District  char(2)
State char(2)
Pin Code char(7)
Occupation of Member  char(50)
Nominee Name  char(50)
Relation of nominee to member (as per codes provided)   char(2)
Date of birth of Nominee date
Occupation of Nominee char(50)
Name of appointee (if nominee is minor) char(50)
Relation of appointee to nominee  char(15)
number of Chilren member has number(2)
Identification Mark on member char(50)
State of Health (as per codes provided)  char(1)
BPL card or SHG number char(20)
Language of the Member (as per codes provided)    number(2)
Aadhar Card Number number(12)
Ration Card Type (as per codes provided)  number(2)
Ration Card Number char(25)
Unique Registration Number  char(25)
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