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1. Payment of Premiums: You may pay premiums regularly at yearly or half-yearly intervals over the term of the policy.

The premium in respect of each individual will be payable from the date of entry into the policy till the date of exit from the policy and will depend on the age of the insured member, the level of Hospital Cash Benefit (HCB) chosen, whether the insured member is Principal Insured or any other Insured life (in case of cover for more than one member in a policy). The level of premium for Principal Insured and the other insured members shall be different for the same age and same level of cover.

The premiums are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of commencement of policy. Thereafter i.e. at the end of every 3 years, the Corporation reserves the right to review the premium to take account of the experience of the portfolio subject to prior approval from IRDA. The rates applicable on every Automatic Renewal Date shall be guaranteed for a further period of 3 years i.e. till next Automatic Renewal Date.

The premium rates in respect of each insured member on renewal will be based on age of that member at the time of inclusion into the policy.

The total premium to be charged for a policy will be the sum of premiums in respect of each member to be covered in that policy.

2. Mode and High HCB Rebates:
Mode Rebate:
Yearly mode : 2% of tabular premium
Half-yearly mode : 1% of the tabular premium

HCB Rebates: In respect of a member covered under a policy, if HCB is more than ` 1000, then the premium arrived at in respect of that member shall be reduced by an amount (`) given below:

HCB (`) For PI For each insured member
    other than PI
2000 500 250
3000 1000 500
4000 1500 750

3.  Automatic Renewal Date: The installment premium will be guaranteed in respect of each Insured for a period of 3 years from the Date of Commencement of the policy, i.e. for the first 3 years of the policy. Thereafter, at the end of every third policy anniversary, the premiums may be reviewed to take into account the Corporation’s experience, subject to prior approval from IRDA. These premium due dates, at the end of every third policy anniversary, starting from the date of commencement of policy till the date of cover expiry, on which the installment premiums are reviewable, will be referred as Automatic Renewal Dates in respect of all Insured in the Policy.

On any Automatic Renewal Date in the future, the installment premium will be based on the age of the Insured at the time of inclusion into the policy and the Corporation’s premium rates then prevailing for this product.


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