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LIC's Jeevan Shanti (Plan No. 850, UIN : 512N328V02)

"All the Immediate Annuity Options (i.e. Option A to J) available under LIC's Jeevan Shanti (Plan No. 850) (UIN: 512N328V02) have been withdrawn with effect from 25.08.2020."
Policy Document (634 KB)

Date of Launch : 24.08.2019
Date of Withdrawn : 21.10.2020


  • Download English brochure(330 KB)
    • This is a single premium plan wherein the Policyholder has an option to choose an Immediate or Deferred annuity.
    • The annuity rates are guaranteed at the inception of the policy for both Immediate and Deferred Annuity and annuities are payable throughout the life time of Annuitant(s).
    • This plan can be purchased offline as well as online. To purchase the plan online, please log on to our website
    • Make one time investment and get Guaranteed life long income.
    • 9 different annuity options to choose from to suit every need and circumstance.
    • Option to choose either Immediate Annuity or postpone it to a future date as Deferred Annuity.
    • Annuity rates are guaranteed from inception of the policy.
    • Guaranteed additions during deferment period.
    • This policy can be taken on own life or as joint life with grandparent, parent, children, grandchildren, spouse or siblings.
    • Loan Available: Loan facility shall be available after completion of 1 policy year.
    • Surrender Allowed: The policy can be surrendered at anytime after three months from the completion of policy when Annuity Option is with return of purchase price.
    • Free look Period: If the Policyholder is not satisfied with the “Terms and Conditions” of the policy, the policy may be returned to the Corporation within 15days.
    • Option to take the plan for the benefit of handicapped dependant (Divyangjan) life.

Last modified date :21-04-2021
Life Insurance Corporation of India – Corporate Office : Yogakshema Building, Jeevan Bima Marg, P.O. Box No – 19953, Mumbai – 400 021 IRDAI Reg No- 512