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Policy Status



This site has been designed for giving a variety of general and policy information to our policyholders. For viewing the policy related information, new customers are required to go through a Registration procedure, the details of which are stated in the ensuing paragraph.


Login facility is provided on the Home Page for the use of registered users.


All new users are required to complete the Registration Form online selecting username and password of their choice.

  • » The username can be alpha, numeric, with characters dot and underscore.
  • » The password must be in between 8 to 30 characters.
  • » The information marked with (*) are mandatory fields and cannot be left blank.
  • » The pin-code cannot be more than 6-digits.
  • » The e-mail id entered should be a valid one for further correspondence.
  • » The user-id chosen should be unique.
  • » Password should be unique and be kept confidential.

An auto-responder mail would be sent to the policy holder as confirmation of successful registration.

Enrol Policy

If you have clicked "yes" for the question "Do you have any LIC policies?" you will be presented with an online policy enrolment form after you click the submit button for completion of Registration.
In the said form you are required to enter the policy number, premium and name of Life Assured (If different from that of the Proposer as in case of Childrens' plans) for each of your policies.
You will be able to print the form (displayed in pdf format) immediately after enrolling your policies or at any other convenient time by logging in to your account.

If you would like to key in your policy number at a later time and not immediately after the completion of Registration, then you can do so any time and any number of times by logging on to your account.

Remember, you may enrol policies of which you are either the Proposer or Life Assured.
You are required to print the form, sign it and submit it to the nearest LIC Branch where at least one policy mentioned in the form is being serviced. The Branch will give you an acknowledgement based on your user-id. This can be printed or mailed to the email id you have specified during your Registration.

The Branch will complete the validation of all your policies after carrying out necessary checks with the policy docket.

The process of enrolment is necessary to facilitate authorized access to certain functionalities offered online such as request for change of address.

Add Policy

This page would be accessible only after successful registration. After registration, the policy holder can provide the policy number and the premium amount. A reply mail would be sent to the policy holder. If there are any errors found in the policy details a reminder mail would be sent to change the details. If the policy information mentioned is error free the status information about the policy would be displayed. If the policy number is not corrected, the policy number would be deleted on the 5th day and a reminder mail sent to them.

  • » The policy number should be between 6 to 9 numbers only.

On successful registration, the customer will have access to information regarding status of policy/s, loan, revival, premium due/ policy calendar, maturity calendar etc.

Feedback Form

Policyholders may use the ‘Feedback’ link to send their queries and valuable suggestions / comments.

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