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Information Technology and LIC

LIC has been one of the pioneering organizations in India who introduced the leverage of Information Technology in servicing and in their business. Data pertaining to almost 10 crore policies is being held on computers in LIC. We have gone in for relevant and appropriate technology over the years.

1964 saw the introduction of computers in LIC. Unit Record Machines introduced in late 1950’s were phased out in 1980’s and replaced by Microprocessors based computers in Branch and Divisional Offices for Back Office Computerization. Standardization of Hardware and Software commenced in 1990’s. Standard Computer Packages were developed and implemented for Ordinary and Salary Savings Scheme (SSS) Policies.


With a view to enhancing customer responsiveness and services , in July 1995, LIC started a drive of On Line Service to Policyholders and Agents through Computer. This on line service enabled policyholders to receive immediate policy status report , prompt acceptance of their premium and get Revival Quotation, Loan Quotation on demand. Incorporating change of address can be done on line. Quicker completion of proposals and dispatch of policy documents have become a reality. All our 2048 branches across the country have been covered under front-end operations. Thus all our 100 divisional offices have achieved the distinction of 100% branch computerisation. New payment related Modules pertaining to both ordinary & SSS policies have been added to the Front End Package catering to Loan, Claims and Development Officers’ Appraisal. All these modules help to reduce time-lag and ensure accuracy.


A Metropolitan Area Network, connecting 74 branches in Mumbai was commissioned in November, 1997, enabling policyholders in Mumbai to pay their Premium or get their Status Report, Surrender Value Quotation, Loan Quotation etc. from ANY Branch in the city. The System has been working successfully. More than 10,000 transactions are carried out over this Network on any given working day. Such Networks have been implemented in other cities also.


All 7 Zonal Offices and all the MAN centres are connected through a Wide Area Network (WAN). This will enable a customer to view his policy data and pay premium from any branch of any MAN city. As at November 2005, we have 91 centers in India with more than 2035 branches networked under WAN.


IVRS has already been made functional in 59 centers all over the country. This would enable customers to ring up LIC and receive information (e.g. next premium due, Status, Loan Amount, Maturity payment due, Accumulated Bonus etc.) about their policies on the telephone. This information could also be faxed on demand to the customer.

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Our Internet site is an information bank. We have displayed information about LIC & its offices . Efforts are on to upgrade our web site to make it dynamic and interactive.The addresses/e-mail Ids of ur Zonal Offices, Zonal Training Centers, Management Development Center, Overseas Branches, Divisional Offices and also all Branch Offices with a view to speed up the communication process.


(You have to register for these services)
LIC has given its policyholders a unique facility to pay premiums through Internet absolutely free and also view their policy details on Internet premium payments.There are 11 service providers with whom L I C has signed the agreement to provide this service.

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We have set up 150 Interactive Touch screen based Multimedia KIOSKS in prime locations in metros and some major cities for dissemination information to general public on our products and services. These KIOSKS are enable to provide policy details and accept premium payments.


We have also set up 8 call centres, manned by skilled employees to provide you with information about our Products, Policy Services, Branch addresses and other organizational information.

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