LIC's Jeevan Surabhi - 25 Years (Plan No. 108, UIN : 512N102V01)

LIC's Jeevan Surabhi - 25 Years (Plan No. 108, UIN : 512N102V01)

  • Sales Brochure attached file is in PDF Document Format (Content is in English)
    • Date of Withdrawal : 15.12.2013

    Jeevan Surabhi plan is similar to other money back plans.However main differences in regular money back plans and Jeevan Surabhi are as under

    Maturity term is more than premium paying term.

    Early and higher rate of survival benefit payment.

    Risk cover increases every five years.

    The actual term and the premium paying term for these plans are as under.

    Full sum assured is paid back as survival benefit by the end of premium paying term. However, the risk cover and additional risk cover continue and the policy participates in profits till the end of policy term.

    Accident Benefit is restricted to the premium paying period and to the overall limit of Rs.5 lakhs on a single life.

    Suitable For:
    This plan holds special interest to people who besides wishing to provide for their old age and family feel the need for lump sum benefits at periodical intervals.

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