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Branch Code
PIN Code
Branch Name Type of Office (such as HO, RO, Branch, Satellite, etc.)Distinctive Code of the BranchAddressPincode
Mumbai Central Office CO01 Yogakshema, J.B. Marg, P.B. No.19953, Mumbai 400021 View
Bhopal Satellite Office 35DT001 Satellite Sampark Office, LIC , PLOT NO-1, AMALTAS, PHASE2, KOLAR ROAD,BHOPAL 462016 View
Betul Branch Office 37B BO- Betul, BETULGANJ, BETUL 460001 View
Sarni Branch Office 37R BO- Pathakheda (Sarni), BAGDONA, PATHAKHEDA ( SARNI) 460449 View
Amla Satellite Office 37BT002 Amla SO, LIC of India, Amla, Dt. Betul 460553 View
Multai Satellite Office 37BT001 Multai Satellite Office, LIC of India, Multai, Dt. Baitul 460600 View
Bhopal Branch Office 351 BO-1, Hotel President Building, BERASIA ROAD BHOPAL, BHOPAL 462001 View
Bhopal Branch Office 353 BO-2, GTB Complex, TT NAGAR, BHOPAL 462003 View
Bhopal Branch Office 206 BO-3, Behind Rangmahal Talkies, TT NAGAR, BHOPAL 462003 View
Bhopal Branch Office 230 CAB, Bhopal, 6,MALVIYA NAGAR, BHOPAL 462003 View
Bhopal Branch Office 34G BO- BHEL, B-Sector, NR. HEALTH CENTER,PIPLANI, BHOPAL 462021 View
Bhopal Branch Office 35D BO-4, Plot No-9 , ZONE-2, MP NAGAR , BHOPAL 462011 View
Bhopal Divisional Office D035 Divisiona Office, 60-a Jeevan Prakash, Arera Hills, Post Box No. 323, Bhopal 462011 View
Bhopal P&GS Unit G301 P&GS Branch, Bhopal, DIVISIONAL OFFICE,BHOPAL, 60A, ARERA HILLS, BHOPAL 462011 View
Berasia Satellite Office 351T001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Berasia, Dist. Bhopal 463106 View
Bhopal Satellite Office 353T001 LIC of India, SSO Royal Market, Bhopal 462001 View
Bhopal Satellite Office 206T001 Behind Rangmahal Talkies, Bhopal, Dist. Bhopal 462003 View
Mandideep Satellite Office 35DT002 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Mandideep, Dt. Raisen 462040 View
Harda Branch Office 3001 Narmda, Jeevan Jyoti, Subhash Ward, Harda 461331 View
Seoni Malwa Satellite Office 3001T001 Seoni Malwa SO, LIC of India, Seoni Malwa, Dt. Hoshangabad 461223 View
Hoshangabad Branch Office 3002 BO- Hoshangabad, MEENAKSHI CHOUK,SADAR BAZAR, HOSHANGABAD 461776 View
Itarsi Branch Office 352 BO- Itarsi,, NAGAR SUDHAR NYAS COLONY, ITARSI, DT. HOSHANGABAD 461111 View
Piparia Branch Office 35K BO- Piparia, Pachmadi Road, PIPARIA, DT. HOSANGABAD 461775 View
Nasrullaganj Satellite Office 3002T001 Agrawal Colony, Near Milan Marriage Garden, Nasrullaganj, Dist.Sehore 466331 View
Bareli Branch Office 35C BO- Bareli,, NR. GOVT. COLLEDGE, JJ ROAD, BARELI,DT. RAISEN 464668 View
Raisen Branch Office 34A BO-Raisen,, 9, YASHWANT NAGAR,SAGAR ROAD, RAISEN 464551 View
Biaora Branch Office 348 BO- Biaro,, A.B. ROAD,BIAORA, DT. RAJGARH 465674 View
Pachor Satellite Office 348T001 LIC of India, SO Pachor, Pachor, Dist. Biaora 465683 View
Rajgarh Satellite Office 348T002 Raigarh SO, LIC of India, Raigarh, Dt. Raigarh 496001 View
Sehore Branch Office 359 BO- Sehore , NR. RAVINDRA SANSKRATIC BHAVAN , SEHORE 460001 View
Ashta Satellite Office 359T001 Satellite Sampark Office , LIC, 107, KANNOD ROAD , ASHTA, DT. SEHORE 466116 View
Shajapur Branch Office 347 BO. Shajapur , DHOBI CHOURAHA,RAILWAY ST. ROAD , SHAJAPUR 465001 View
Shujalpur Branch Office 35J BO. Shujalpur, PATLAWADA BHAWAN, AMBIK BAZAR, SHUJALPUR, DT. SHAJAPUR 465333 View
Agar Malwa Satellite Office 347T001 Agar Mawa , Shaja Pur , MP 465441 View
Ganjbasoda Branch Office 35F BO- Ganjbasoda, LILADHAR MARKET, GANJBASODA, DT. VIDISHA 464221 View
Vidisha Branch Office 373 BO-Vidisha,, INDIRA COMPLEX, VIDISHA 464001 View
Bilaspur Branch Office 384 BO-1, Bilaspur, NR. ARORA DHARAMKANTA, MAGARPARA, BILASPUR 495001 View
Bilaspur Branch Office 38H BO- 2, Bilaspur, SURYABHAWAN, GANDHI PUTLA, JUNA, BILASPUR 495001 View
Bilaspur Branch Office 3065 CAB, Bilaspur, KAMLA COMPLEX, NEHRU CHOUK, BILASPUR 195001 View
Mungeli Branch Office 38D BO- Mungeli, KARHI, BILASPUR ROAD,, MUNGELI 495334 View
Bilaspur Divisional Office D303 LIC of India, Divisional Office, Surya Bhawan, Nr. Gandhi Putla, Juna, Bilaspur 495001 View
Lormi Satellite Office 38DT001 Satellite Office, Lormi, LIC of India, Lormi, Dt.Bilaspur 495115 View
Pendra Satellite Office 38HT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office Pendra, Dt. Bilaspur 495129 View
Naila Janjgir Branch Office 38A BO- Naila,, MLT COMPLEX, LINK ROAD,, NAILA- JANJGIR, 495668 View
Champa Satellite Office 38AT001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Champa, Jangeer Champa 495671 View
Sakti Satellite Office 38AT002 Sakti SO, LIC of India, Station Road, Sakti dist., Janjir, Champa 495687 View
Pathalgaon Branch Office 3067 BO- Pathalgaon, NR. GOVT. HOSPITAL, JASPUR ROAD, PATHALGAON 496118 View
Jashpurnagar Satellite Office 3067T001 Satellite Office, Jashpurnagar, Jashpur 496331 View
Kunkuri Satellite Office 3067T002 Khel Maidan, Beside Tapkara Road, SO- Kunkuri, Jaspur District 496225 View
Korba Branch Office 389 BO-1, Korba, KOSABADI,, KORBA 495677 View
Korba Branch Office 38J BO-2, Korba, Commercial Complex,, TRANSPORT NAGAR, KORBA 495677 View
Katghora Satellite Office 38JT001 Near Bus Stand, Ambikapur Road, Post Office Katghora Dist.Korber 495445 View
Raigarh Branch Office 385 BO- Raigarh, SATTIGUDI CHOUK, RAIGARH 496001 View
Kharasiyasa Satellite Office 385T001 Near Tehsil Office, , Agresen Bhavan, Kharsiya, Dist. Raigarh 496661 View
Saranggarh Satellite Office 385T002 Above State Bank, PO Saranggarh, Dist. Raigarh 496554 View
Bhatapara Branch Office 38G BO- Bhatapara, GANDHI MANDIR WARD, BHATAPARA 493114 View
Baloda Bazar Satellite Office 38GT002 Baloda Bazar SO, Gaurav Path, Dusshara Maidan, Baloda Bazar 493332 View
Tilda Satellite Office 38GT001 LIC of India, SO Tilda, Tilda, Dt. Bhatapara 493118 View
Ashoknagar Branch Office 35E BO. Ashoknagar,, NR. MITTOOLA HANSRAJ PETROL PUMP, ISHAGARH ROAD, ASHOKNAGAR 473331 View
Bhind Branch Office 357 BO- Bhind, BHAGWATI PALACE, PUSTAK BAZAR,, BHIND 477001 View
Gohad Branch Office 20D BO- Gohad, GOHAD, CHOURAHA, GOHAD, DT. BHIND 477116 View
Bhind Satellite Office 357T002 LIC Satellite Office, NEAR SDM BANGLOW, , LAHAR 477001 View
Lahar Satellite Office 357T001 Near SDM Bungalow, , LAHAR, Dt. Gwalior 477445 View
Datia Branch Office 34C BO- Datia ,, SHIVRAJ COMPLEX, CIVIL LINE, DATIA 475661 View
Datia Satellite Office 34CC001 Gandhi Road, Near Tigaliya, Datia 475661 View
Indergarh Satellite Office 34CT001 Datia Road, , INDERGARH, Dist.Datia 475675 View
Guna Branch Office 355 BO- Guna,, NR. MAHESHWARI MILL, AB ROAD, GUNA 473001 View
Raghogarh Branch Office 3018 BO- Raghogarh, SADA COMPLEX, RAGHOGARH, DT. GUNA 473226 View
Dabra Branch Office 35H BO- Dabra, Shivhare Building, NR. BUS STAND, DABRA 474110 View
Gwalior Branch Office 354 BO-1, Gwalior,, MOTI MAHAL ROAD,, GWALIOR 474002 View
Gwalior Branch Office 349 BO-2, Gwalior,, CENTRE POINT CHOURAHA, PHOOL BAG CHOURAHA, GWALIOR 474002 View
Gwalior Branch Office 35A BO- Morar, BARADARI CHOURAHA, GWALIOR 474006 View
Gwalior Branch Office 20A BO-3, Gwalior,, KUSHWAHA COMPLEX, TANSEN ROAD, GWALIOR 474002 View
Gwalior Branch Office 20E CAB- Gwalior, JEEVAN PRAKASH, CITY CENTRE, DIV. OFFICE BHAWAN, GWALIOR 474011 View
Gwalior Branch Office 3017 BO-4, Gwalior, Mittal Complex,, KAMPOO, LASKAR, GWALIOR 474009 View
Gwalior Divisional Office D020 Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash, JEEVAN BIMA MARG, CITY CENTRE, GWALIR 474011 View
Gwalior P&GS Unit G302 BO- P&GS, Jeevan Prakash, CITY CENTRE, DO- GWALIOR 474011 View
Gwalior Satellite Office 354T001 LIC of India, SO, Nr. Hotel Suruchi, Gola Ka Mandir, Gwalior 474011 View
Gwalior Satellite Office 349C001 Krishna Mandir, Falke Bazar, Lashkar, Gwalior 474009 View
Morena Branch Office 356 First Floor, , HOTEL RADHIKA CAMPUS, MORENA 476001 View
Amba Porsa Satellite Office 356T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Amba Porsa, Dt. Morena 476111 View
Morena Satellite Office 356T003 Morena SO, LIC of India, Opp.Janpad Panchayat, M.S. Road, Morena 476001 View
Morena Satellite Office 356T001 Near Rest House, SABALGARH , DT. MORENA 476229 View
Jaura Satellite Office 356T004 LIC Of India,Tikoniya Park,, RAWAL MARRIAGE GARDEN,, SATELLITE OFFICE-JAORA 476221 View
Sheopurkalan Branch Office 20C Pili Kothi, , PALI ROAD, , SHEOPURKALAN 476337 View
Shivpuri Branch Office 34B BO- Shivpuri, HAJI SANNU MARKET,, AB ROAD, SHIVPURI 473551 View
Karera Satellite Office 34BT001 Near New Tehsil, Karera, 473660 View
Badwani Branch Office 34T BO- Barwani, Khandawa Baroda National Highway,, NR. DISTTT. HOSPITAL, BADWANI,DT.KHARGONE 451551 View
Sendhwa Branch Office 34K BO- Sendwa, AGRA MUMBAI ROAD,, SENDHWA 451666 View
Burhanpur Branch Office 410 BO. Burhanpur, SANJAY NAGAR, BURHANPUR 450331 View
Dewas Branch Office 340 BO-1, Dewas,, AB ROAD,, DEWAS 455001 View
Dewas Branch Office 34W BO-2, Dewas, AGRA MUMBAI ROAD,, DEWAS 455001 View
Kannod Branch Office 34L BO- Kannod, NEMAWAR ROAD, KANNOD 455332 View
Dhar Branch Office 207 BO- Dhar, NR. CIVIL HOSPITAL, DHAR 454001 View
Manawar Branch Office 34M BO- Manawar, PATEL COLONEY,, MANAWAR 454446 View
Dhamnod Satellite Office 34MT001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Dhamnod, Dt. Dhar 454552 View
Kukshi Satellite Office 34MT002 Kukshi SO, LIC of India, Ramradhey Complex, Gayatri Colony, Kukshi, Manawar 456331 View
Rajgarh Satellite Office 207T001 Rajgarh, (affliated to BO, Dhar), Dist.Dhar 454116 View
Badwaha Branch Office 34S BO- Badwaha , Suraj Market, IST FLOOR, NARMADA ROAD,, BARWAHA 451115 View
Khandwa Branch Office 387 BO- Khandwa, CIVIL LINES, KHANDWA 450001 View
Chanera Satellite Office 387T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office , Chanera, Dt. Khandawa 450116 View
Indore Branch Office 341 DBO-Indore, 12A, Anoop Nagar, AB ROAD, iNDORE, INDORE 452008 View
Indore Branch Office 399 CAB-Indore, Gupta Chambers,, 5, SNEH NAGAR,NAULAKHA CHOURAHA, INDORE 452001 View
Indore Branch Office 34D BO-2, Indore, SHIV VILAS COMPOUND, RAJWADA, INDORE 452001 View
Indore Branch Office 34J CBO-3, Indore, Palika Plaza,, II ND FLOOR, M.T.H.COMPOUND, INDORE 452007 View
Indore Branch Office 34P CBO-4, Indore, Plot No.28,29,30, SCH NO-54, NR.RAGHUNATH PETROL PUMP, INDORE 452008 View
Indore Branch Office 34U CBO-5, Indore, 178, Jawahar Marg, KHALSA SCHOOL COMPOUND,RAJ MOHALLA, INDORE 452004 View
Indore Branch Office 343 BO-1, Indore,, 19 MG ROAD , INDORE 452001 View
Indore Branch Office 201 DAB- Indore, Jeevan Prabha , 152, RNT MARG, CHHAWANI, INDORE 452001 View
Mhow Cantt. Branch Office 342 BO- Mhow,, CEMETRY ROAD, MEHTA KI CHAL,, MHOW 453441 View
Indore Divisional Office D034 Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash, 19, MG ROAD, POST BOX NO-130, INDORE 452001 View
Indore P&GS Unit G303 P&GS Branch, Indore, SCH NO-71/C, FOOTI KOTHI, SUKH NIWAS ROAD,INDORE 452009 View
Indore Satellite Office 201T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Airport Road, Indore 452001 View
Indore Satellite Office 341T001 5A Scheme No.54, Sukhlia, Indore 452008 View
Indore Satellite Office 34JT001 117, Manbhawan Nagar, Bengali Chouraha, Indore 452001 View
Indore Satellite Office 343T001 Satellite Sampark Office , 14,ASHOK NAGAR, BHANWAR KUAN, , INDORE 452001 View
Pithampur Satellite Office 342T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Pithampur, PO MHOW 453441 View
Sanwer Satellite Office 34UT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Sanwer, Dt. Indore 453551 View
Jhabua Branch Office 350 BO- Jhabua,, NR. BUS STAND,, A B SHETTY CIRCLE, JHABUA 457661 View
Alirajpur Satellite Office 350T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Alirajpur 457661 View
Mandsaur Branch Office 346 BO- Mandsaur, Transport Nagar , SCH.2, NR. KRISHI UPAJ MANDI, MANDSAUR 458001 View
Mandsaur Satellite Office 346T001 BO- Satellite Sampark Office, SHAMGARH, DT. MANDSAUR 458001 View
Neemuch Branch Office 360 BO- Neemuch , PLOT NO-22A, SCH. NO. 14(3) , VIKASH NAGAR, NEEMUCH 458441 View
Neemuch Satellite Office 360T001 BO. Satellite Sampark Office, , MANASA , DT. NEEMUCH 458441 View
Jaora Branch Office 34H BO- Jaora,, SHASHTRI COLONY, DAK BUNGLOW ROAD,, JAORA 457226 View
Ratlam Branch Office 345 BO-1, Ratlam, 44, Katju Nagar, NR, G.P.O., RATLAM 457001 View
Ratlam Branch Office 34N BO-2, Ratlam, MAHESHWAR COMPLEX, POWER HOUSE ROAD,, RATLAM 457001 View
Ratlam Branch Office 3033 CAB- Ratlam, 44 Katju Nagar, IST FLOOR, NR. G.P.O., RATLAM 457001 View
Alot Satellite Office 34HT001 Alot SO, LIC of India, Jagdev Ganj Sation Road, Alot 457114 View
Badnagar Branch Office 34R BO- Badnagar, SWADHYAY BHAWAN, SHANTINIKETAN ROAD, BADNAGAR, DT. UJJAIN 456771 View
Nagda Branch Office 239 BO- Nagda, HOUSING BOARD COLONY, INGORIA ROAD, NAGDA 456336 View
Ujjain Branch Office 344 BO-1, Ujjain, Prashaasnik Kshetra, BHARATPURI, UJJAIN 456001 View
Ujjain Branch Office 34F BO-2, Ujjain, Kshapnak Marg, DASHARAHA MAIDAN, UJJAIN 456001 View
Ujjain Branch Office 3034 CAB- Ujjain, Kshapnak Marg,, DASHARAHA MAIDAN, UJJAIN 456001 View
Kachrod Satellite Office 239T001 Kachrod SO, LIC of India, C-II, Housing Board Colony, Station Road, Kachrod 456224 View
Mahidpur Satellite Office 344T001 Mahidpur, affliated to BO2,Ujjain, Ujjain 456443 View
Khargone Branch Office 247 BO- Khargone,, SANAWAD ROAD,, VINDHYA VIHAR,HOUSING BOARD COLONY, 451001 View
Bhikangaon Satellite Office 247T001 Bhikangaon, (affliated to Khargone), Dist.Khargone 451331 View
Mandleshwar Satellite Office 34ST001 Mandleshwar SO, LIC of India, Barwah Road, Mandleshwar 451221 View
Pandhana Satellite Office 387T002 LIC Of India, Satellite Office, GANDHI CHOWK, PANDHANA, 450661 View
Balaghat Branch Office 380 BO- Balaghat, AMBEDKAR CHOUK, BALAGHAT 481001 View
Baihar Satellite Office 380T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Baihar, PO Baihar, Dt.Balaghat 481111 View
Lanji Satellite Office 380T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Lanji, Dt. Balaghat 481222 View
Varaseoni Satellite Office 380T003 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Varaseoni, Dt. Balaghat 481001 View
Chhindwara Branch Office 388 Parasia Road, , Chhindwara., CHHINDWARA 480001 View
Parasia Branch Office 37I BO- Parasia,, DAMUA ROAD, PARASIA, DT. CHHINDWARA 480441 View
Sausar Branch Office 3049 BO. Sausar, KACHHARI ROAD, SAUSAR, SAUSAR, DT. CHHINDWARA 480001 View
Chourai Satellite Office 388T001 LIC of INdia, SSO Chourai, DT.Chhindwara 480115 View
Pandurna Satellite Office 3049T001 LIC of India, SO, Near Hotel Payal Palace, Ambika, Chouk, Main Road, Pandurna, Distt.Chhindwara 480334 View
Damoh Branch Office 37D Behind Central School, , Vivekanand Colony, , Damoh. 470661 View
Hata Satellite Office 37DT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Hatta, Dt. Damoh 470775 View
Tendukheda Satellite Office 37DT002 Above State Bank of India, Tedukheda, Dist. Damoh 470880 View
Dindori Satellite Office 37CT001 LIC of India, Satellite office, Dindori, Dt.Dindori 481880 View
Jabalpur Branch Office 375 BO-1, Jabalpur , CIVIC CENTRE,MARHATAL , JABALPUR 482002 View
Jabalpur Branch Office 374 DBO- Jabalpur , LIC BUILDING,2ND, FLOOR, CIVIC CENTRE,JABALPUR 482002 View
Jabalpur Branch Office 37A BO-3, Jabalpur, NAGPUR ROAD, MADAN MAHAL, JABALPUR 482001 View
Jabalpur Branch Office 401 Jeevan Prakash, Nagpur Road, Madan Mahal, Jablapur 482001 View
Jabalpur Branch Office 202 BO-2, Jabalpur, ARORA BUILDING, MADAN MAHAL, JABALPUR 482001 View
Sihora Branch Office 37L BO-Sihora, Sihora, DT. JABALPUR 483225 View
Jabalpur Divisional Office D037 Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash, madan mahal, post box-17, nagpur road,jabalpur 482001 View
Jabalpur P&GS Unit G304 P&GS Branch, Jabalpur, DO. JABALPUR,MADAN MAHAL, NAGPUR ROAD, JABALPUR 482001 View
Adhartal Satellite Office 375T001 LIC of India, Beside Dena Bank, Adhartal 482004 View
Bilhari Satellite Office 374T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Bilhari, Dt.Jabalpur 482020 View
Damoh Naka Satellite Office 202T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Damoh Naka (Vijay Nagar) 482001 View
Madanmahal Satellite Office 401T001 Jeevan Prakash, Madanmahal, Jabalpur 482001 View
Ranjhi Satellite Office 37AT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office,Ranjhi, Jabalpur 482005 View
Shahpura Satellite Office 374T001 Satellite Sampark Office , LIC OF INDIA, SHAHPURA , SHAHPURA, DT. JABALPURA 483119 View
Katni Branch Office 376 BO- 1, Katni, BARGAWAN ,MADHAV NAGAR, KATNI 483501 View
Katni Branch Office 3048 Soap Factory, , Nai Basti, , Katni 483501 View
Vijayraghavgarh Satellite Office 3048T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Vijayragh , Dt. Katni 483775 View
Mandla Branch Office 37C BO. Mandla, NR. CIRCUIT HOUSE, MANDLA 481661 View
Nainpur Satellite Office 37CT002 Nainpur Satellite Office, LIC of India, Nainpur, Balaghat 481776 View
Narsingpur Branch Office 358 BO- Narsingpur, CIVIL LINE, NARSINGPUR 487001 View
Gadarwara Satellite Office 358T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Gadarwara, Dt. Narsinghpur 487551 View
Gotegaon Satellite Office 358T001 LIC of India, SO, Opp. Range Office, Near Petrol Pump, Main Road, Gotegaon Distt., Narsingpur 487118 View
Bina-Etawa Branch Office 37J BO- Bina, STATION ROAD,, BINA 470113 View
Sagar Branch Office 371 BO-1, Sagar,, COURT ROAD,, SAGAR 470001 View
Sagar Branch Office 37M BO-2, Sagar, OPP. KULPATI NIWAS,, SAGAR 470001 View
Sagar Branch Office 3051 CAB, Sagar, JHANDA CHOUK, GOPALGANJ, SAGAR 470001 View
Khurai Satellite Office 37JT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office - Khurai, Dt. Sagar 470117 View
Rehli Satellite Office 37MT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Rehli, Dt. Sagar 470227 View
Lakhnadon Branch Office 3052 BO- Lakhnadon, GOLHANI COMPLEX, NR. CBI, LAKHNADON,DT SEONI 480886 View
Seoni Branch Office 378 BO- Seoni, GN. ROAD, SEONI 480661 View
Barghat Satellite Office 378T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Barghat, Dt. Seoni 480667 View
Jagdalpur Branch Office 377 BO- Jagdalpur, , KANGOLI ROAD, DHARAMPURA , HAGDALPUR 494005 View
Kondagaon Satellite Office 377T001 Satellite Sampark Office, LIC , NR BUS STAND, MAINROAD , KONDA GAON, JAGDALPUR 494226 View
Dantewada Branch Office 38C BO- Dantewada, NR. BUS STAND, DANTEWADA, DT. BASTER 494449 View
Dhamtari Branch Office 379 BO- Dhamtari, NR. NEW BUS STAND, DHAMTARI 493773 View
Kurud Satellite Office 379T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Kurud, Dt. Dhamtari 493663 View
Bhilai Branch Office 381 BO-1, Bhilai,, CIVIC CENTRE, BHILAI 490001 View
Bhilai Branch Office 38E BO-2, Bhilai, Chouhan State, 2ND FLOOR, GE ROAD,, SUPELA, BHILAI 490023 View
Bhilai Branch Office 38K CAB- Bhilai, Athiraj Tower, SUPELA, BHILAI 490023 View
Dalli-Rajhara Branch Office 38F BO. Dallirajhara, LIC COLONEY, BARSATOLA ROAD, DALLIRAJHARA 491228 View
Durg-Bhilai Branch Office 383 BO- Durg, PADNABHPUR, UTAI ROAD, DURG 491001 View
Balod Satellite Office 38FT001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Balod, Dt. Durg 491226 View
Bemtara Satellite Office 383T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Bemtara, Dt. Durg 491335 View
Durg Satellite Office 383T002 Durg Urban SO, in front of Railway Station, Deepak Nagar, Durg 491001 View
Kumhari Satellite Office 38ET001 GE Road, Kumhari, Dist. Raipur 490042 View
Mahasamund Branch Office 248 BO- Mahasamund,, RAIPUR ROAD, MAHASAMUND 493445 View
Saraipali Branch Office 38L LIC, BO- Saraipali, NATIONAL HIGHWAY-6, SARAIPALI 493558 View
Kashdol Satellite Office 38LT001 Kashdol SO, Opp. Allahabad Bank, Gaurav Path Road, Kashdol, Dist. Raipur 493335 View
Rajim Satellite Office 248T001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Rajim, Dt. Raipur 493885 View
Raipur Branch Office 382 BO-1 , Raipur, 14, CIVIL LINE, NR RAJBHAWAN, RAIPUR 492001 View
Raipur Branch Office 390 CAB, Raipur, DIVISIONAL OFFICE BHAWAN, PANDRI, RAIPUR 492004 View
Raipur Branch Office 298 BO-2 Raipur,, NIVESH BHAWAN, DO CAMPUS, PANDARI, RAIPUR 492004 View
Raipur Branch Office 38M BO-3, Raipur, KHAMTARAI, RAIPUR 492008 View
Raipur Divisional Office D038 Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash, JEEVAN BIMA MARG, P.B.NO.10, PANDRI , RAIPUR 492004 View
Raipur P&GS Unit G305 P&GS Branch, Raipur, JEEVAN BIMA MARG, PANDRI 492004 View
Abhanpur Satellite Office 38MT001 Dhamtari Road, Near Bus Stand, Abhanpur, Dist.Rajnandgaon 493661 View
Telibanda Satellite Office 382T001 LIC Of India, Satellite Office, OPPOSITE TELIBANDA TALAB,, TELIBANDA, 492001 View
Rajnandgaon Branch Office 249 BO- Rajnandgaon, , PURANA CIVIL LINE, NR RAIL STATION , RAJNANDGAON 491441 View
Dongargarh Satellite Office 249T003 1 Batti Panch Rasta Road, Dongargarh, Dist.Rajnandgaon 491445 View
Kawardha Satellite Office 249T001 Satellite Sampark Office, LIC , NR BUS STAND,, KAWARDHA 491441 View
Khairgarh Satellite Office 249T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Khairgarh, Dt.Rajnandgaon 491881 View
Rajnandgaon Satellite Office 249T004 Saroj Tower, GK Mart, Fowara Chowk, Rajnandgaon, Dist. Rajnandgaon 491441 View
Kanker Branch Office 3066 BO- Kanker,, JAGDALPUR ROAD, KANKER, DT.BASTER 494334 View
Bhanupratappur Satellite Office 3066T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office-Bhanupratappur, Dt. Kanker 494669 View
Bhilai Satellite Office 381T001 Satellite Sampark Office , LIC, PLOT NO-1, PHASE-3, MATRI NAGAR, RISALI, BHILAI 490006 View
Chhatarpur Branch Office 372 BO- Chhatarpur, , CIVIL LINES , CHHATARPUR 471001 View
Khajuraho Branch Office 3085 BO- Khajuraho,, BAMITHA ROAD, KHAJURAHO, DT.CHHATARPUR 471606 View
Bada Malhara Satellite Office 372T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Bada Malahara, Dt. Chatarpur 471311 View
Chhatarpur Satellite Office 372C001 Opp. Stadium, Panna Road, Chhatarpur 471001 View
Laundi Satellite Office 3085T001 Opp. Police Thana, H.No. 216, Mahua Road, Ward No.1, Lavkush Nagar, Chhattarpur 471515 View
Naugaon Satellite Office 372T001 Naugaon, , Kauthi Chauraha, MP 471201 View
Panna Branch Office 37F BO- Panna, BENI SAGAR ROAD,PANNA, PANNA 488001 View
Amanganj Satellite Office 37FT001 J.S. Complex, Panna Katni Road, Amanganj Dist. Panna 488441 View
Rewa Branch Office 288 BO-1, Rewa , TANSEN COMPLEX,SIRMOUR CHOURAH , REWA 486001 View
Rewa Branch Office 3084 BO-2, Rewa , KHANNA TOWER, SIRMOUR CHOURAHA , REWA 486001 View
Baikunthpur Satellite Office 3084T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Baikunthpur, Dt.Rewa 486441 View
Chakghat Satellite Office 3084T001 Satellite Sampark Office, LIC , CHAKGHAT, CHAKGHAT (REWA) 486001 View
Mangawan Satellite Office 3084T003 Beside Nirmal Petrol Pump, Main Road, Village & Post Mangawan, Dist. Rewa 486111 View
Mauganj Satellite Office 288T001 Satellite Sampark Office, LIC , MAUGANJ , MAUGANJ ( REWA) 486331 View
Rewa Urban Satellite Office 288T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Rewa Urban, Dt. Rewa 486001 View
Amarpatan Branch Office 3082 BO- Amarpatan, NR. CAPT. LAL PRATAP SINGH STADIUM, AMARPATAN, DT. SATNA 485775 View
Maihar Branch Office 3086 BO. Maihar, STATION ROAD, MAIHAR,DT.SATNA 485771 View
Satna Branch Office 237 BO-1, Satna, KRISHNA COMPLEX KRISHNA NAGAR, SATNA 485001 View
Satna Branch Office 37N BO-2, Satna , PRAKASH COMPLEX, KRISHNA NAGAR, , SATNA 485001 View
Satna Branch Office 3083 CAB- Satna, Anam Chhaya, REWA ROAD, SATNA, SATNA 485001 View
Satna Divisional Office D301 Divisional Office , KRISHNA COMPLEX,KRISHNA NAGAR , SATNA 465001 View
Chitrakoot Satellite Office 237T001 Satellite Office, LIC of India, Chitrakoot, Chitrakoot 210204 View
Nagod Satellite Office 37NT001 Brijmohan Complex, Near Block Office, Nagod 485446 View
Niwari Branch Office 3087 BO- Niwari, NR. GOVT COLLEGE, NIWARI, DT.TIKAMGARH 472442 View
Tikamgarh Branch Office 37E BO- Tikamgarh,, JAIL ROAD, NR. HEAD POST OFFICE, TIKAMGARH 472001 View
Jatara Satellite Office 37ET001 LIC of India, SO, Behind SBI, Jatara Distt., Tikamgarh 472118 View
Tikamgarh Satellite Office 37EC001 Vinod Kunj Tiraha, Collectrate Tiraha, Tikamgarh CLIA SO,Dt. Tikamgarh 472001 View
Chirimiri Branch Office 3089 BO. Chirimiri, Jeevan Jyoti,, MALVIYA NAGAR,CHIRIMIRI, DT. KOREA 497557 View
Manendragarh Branch Office 38B BO.Manendragarh, AMBIKAPUR ROAD, MANENDRAGARH 497442 View
Baikunthpur Satellite Office 38BT001 LIC of India, SSO Baikunthpur, Teh.Manendragarh 497335 View
Ambikapur Branch Office 386 BO- Ambikapur, MAHAMAYA ROAD,, AMBIKAPUR, DT. SARGUJA 497001 View
Surajpur Branch Office 3103 BO- Surajpur, GHEESURAM COMPLEX,IST FLOOR,, NR. BLOCK OFFICE, SURAJPUR 497229 View
Ambikapur Satellite Office 386T002 LIC of India, SO, Opp. Tata Motors, Rajiv Nagar, Ambikapur Town 497001 View
Ramanujganj Satellite Office 386T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office-Ramanujganj, PO-Ambikapur 497220 View
Sitapur Satellite Office 386C001 Sitapur SO, LIC of India, Ring Road, Mayapur, Chandni Chowk, Ambikapur 497001 View
Sitapur Satellite Office 386T004 Gauravpath Road,, Main Road, Sitapur,, 497111 View
Vishrampur Satellite Office 3103T001 Goyal Complex, Ambedkar Chowk, Vishrampur Dist, Surguja 497226 View
Wadrafnagar Satellite Office 386T003 Wadrafnagar, Dist. Ambikapur, 497225 View
Kotma Branch Office 37H BO- Kotma, NR. BANJAR HOTEL, KOTMA, KOTMA 484334 View
Bijuri Satellite Office 37HT001 Bijuri SO, LIC of India , Opp. Govt. Girls School, Bijuri Dist., Anooppur 484440 View
Beohari Branch Office 3102 BO- Beohari, REWA ROAD, BEOHARI, BEOHARI, DT. SHAHDOL 484774 View
Burhar Branch Office 37K BO- Burhar, Jeevan Jyoti, NR. MAHAVEER DWAR, SHAHDOL ROAD, BURHAR 484110 View
Shahdol Branch Office 370 BO. Shahdol, NR. RAJENDRA TALKIES, SHAHDOL 484001 View
Shahdol Branch Office 3101 CAB- Shahdol, NR. HOTEL KARMBHUMI, SHAHDOL 484001 View
Shahdol Divisional Office D302 Divisional Office , AHUJA MARKET, BURHAR ROAD,PB. NO-45 , SHAHDOL 484001 View
Anuppur Satellite Office 37KT001 LIC of India, SSO Anupur, Teh Burhar(Shahdol) 484224 View
Birsinghpur Pali Satellite Office 370T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Birsinghpur Pali, Dt.Umariya 484551 View
Rajendragram Satellite Office 37KT002 Near Central Bank, Rajendragram SO, Dt. Anuppur 484881 View
Shahdol Satellite Office 370C001 Sri Krishna Complex, Beside IG Bunglow, Main Road, Shahdol 484001 View
Sidhi Branch Office 37G BO- Sidhi, MAIN ROAD, SIDHI 468661 View
Churhut Satellite Office 37GT001 Main Riwa Road, Churhat, Dist.Sidhi 486771 View
Shingrauli Satellite Office 37GT002 Main Road Deosar, Dist. Singroli, 486889 View
Waidhan Branch Office 37P BO- Waidhan, Vindhya Nagar, POST BOX NO-3, WAIDHAN, DT. SIDHI 486886 View
Shingrauli Satellite Office 37PT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office-Singroli, Dt. Sidhi 486889 View
Umaria Branch Office 3098 BO- Umaria, Jai Stambh Chowk, NR. POWER HOUSE, UMARIA 484661 View
Narojabad Satellite Office 3098T001 Narojabad SO, LIC of India, Pipal Chowk, Narojabad , Dist. Umaria 484555 View
Bhopal Zonal Office ZO03 Central Zonal Office ,60b,"Jeevan Shikha", Hoshangabad Road,, PB NO. 28, Bhopal 462011 View
Begusarai Branch Office 514 Main Road, BEGUSARAI, BEGUSARAI 805110 View
Begusarai Divisional Office D502 LIC of India, Divisional Office, Krishna Bhawan, Vishnu Cinema Campus, Vishnu Dipshikha Rd.,Bishwanath Nagar, Ward No.8, Begusarai 805110 View
Barauni Satellite Office 514T001 Hotel Sujit, Rajendra PD-RD, Begusarai 851112 View
Naugachia Satellite Office 51BT001 LIC of India, Naugachia SO, Near State Bank of Inida, Naugachia, Dist. Bhagalpur 853204 View
Jamui Branch Office 52C Lakhisarai Road, MAHSURI, JAMUI 811307 View
Jhajha Satellite Office 52CT001 LIC of India, Jhajha S.O., Gudgutia Place, Jhajha Dist.-Jamui, Bihar, Dist. Jamui, Bihar 811308 View
Barsoi Satellite Office 538T001 Barsoi, Masjid Chowk, Near Allahabad Bank, Distt.Katihar 805110 View
Khagaria Branch Office 51B Namdhari Road, KHAGARIA, KHAGARIA 851204 View
Lakhisarai Branch Office 52E Nayabazar, LAKHISARAI, LAKHISARAI 811311 View
Barahaiya Satellite Office 52ET002 LIC of India, Jai Mata Di Complex, By-Pass More 811302 View
Madhepura Branch Office 53A Opp.General High School, MAIN ROAD, MADHEPURA 852113 View
Bihariganj Satellite Office 53AT001 LIC of India, Bihariganj Satellite Office, Near Bus Stand, At/PO-Bihariganj, Madhepura District 852101 View
Mokama Satellite Office 530T001 Main Road, Central Bank Building, P.S.- Hernaut, Distt. Nalanda 803110 View
Patna Branch Office 530 Station Road, BARH, BARH 803213 View
Saharsa Branch Office 541 Old Bus Stand, SAHARSA, SAHARSA 852201 View
Dalsingsarai Branch Office 53E Station Road, DALSINGSARAI, SAMASTIPUR 848114 View
Samastipur Branch Office 535 Azad Chowk, TAJPUR ROAD, SAMASTIPUR 848100 View
Rosera Satellite Office 535T001 LIC of India, Rosera SO, Cinema Chowk, At+PO Rosera, Dist.Samastipur 848210 View
Samastipur Satellite Office 535C001 Samastipur SO (CLIA), In front of DAV Jr. School, Samastipur 848101 View
Shahpur-Patouri Satellite Office 53ET001 Satya Narayan Bhawan,, Cinema Chouk, At+PO+Ps-Shahpur-Patouri, Samistipur District 848504 View
Sekhapura Satellite Office 52ET001 Shekhpura , Chandanichowk, Sekhapura 811105 View
Supaul Branch Office 52A PWD Road, NEAR CONGRESS OFFICE, SUPAUL 852131 View
Birpur Satellite Office 52AT001 LIC of India, Birpur SO, Central Bank of India Road, Birpur, Dist. Supaul 854340 View
Triveniganj Satellite Office 52AT002 Opp Triveniganj Police Station, At & PO- Triveniganj, 852139 View
Tajpur Satellite Office 535T002 Apposite to bus Stand, Main Raod Tajpur, Tajpur 848130 View
Surajgarha Satellite Office 52ET003 Purani Bazar, Surajgarha, Dist - Lakhisarai 811106 View
Boudh Satellite Office 480T001 H/O Sir Akhileshkumar Dalal, AT & POst Boudh, Boudh 762014 View
Parlakhemundi Branch Office 58J P.O. Parlakhemundi, DIST. GAJAPATI, DIST. GAJAPATI 761200 View
R Udaygiri Satellite Office 58JT001 R Udaygiri , At/Po-R Udaygiri, Gajapati 761016 View
Aska Branch Office 58F P.O. Aska, DIST. GANJAM, DIST. GANJAM 760110 View
Berhampur Branch Office 585 R.C. Church Road, P.O. BERHAMPUR, DIST. GANJAM 760001 View
Berhampur Branch Office 57B Bijipur Main Road, P.O. BERHAMPUR, DIST. GANJAM 760005 View
Berhampur Branch Office 58T Aska Road , P.O. BERHAMPUR , DIST. GANJAM 760001 View
Bhanjanagar Branch Office 58P Main Road, Opp. Sub Collector Office, Bhanjnagar, Dt. Ganjam 761126 View
Chatrapur Branch Office 58L P.O. Chatrapur, DIST. GANJAM, DIST. GANJAM 761020 View
Berhampur Divisional Office D057 Jeevan Prakash, KHODASINGI,P.O.BERHAMPUR, DIST. GANJAM 760001 View
Berhampur Satellite Office 585C001 LIC of India, CLIA SO, Subaro Square, New Zanana Hospital, Berhampur, Ganjam 760001 View
Buguda Satellite Office 58PT001 H/O Sri Gokulchandra Sahoo, Main Road, Buguda, Dt. Ganjam 761118 View
Chikti Satellite Office 585T001 Chikiti, AT/PO Chikitipentho, Dt. Ganjam 761010 View
Hinjlicut Satellite Office 58TT001 H/O Sri Antaryami Sahoo, Biju Patnaik Chowk, At & Post Hinjlicut, Dt. Ganjam 761102 View
Khallikote Satellite Office 58LT001 H/O Smt. Sugnana Kumari Dev, MLA, At Post Khallikote, Dt. Ganjam 761030 View
Polsara Satellite Office 58FT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, /near College Square, DT-Ganjam 761105 View
Bhawanipatna Branch Office 509 P.O. Bhawanipatna, DIST. KALAHANDI, DIST. KALAHANDI 766011 View
Dharmagarh Satellite Office 509T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Dharmagarh, Main Road, Dharmagarh 766015 View
Kesinga Satellite Office 509T002 LIC Satellite Office, Kesinga, At PO-Kesinga, In front of Main Post Office, Dist. Kalahandi 766012 View
Phulbani Branch Office 480 P.O. Phulbani, DIST. KONDHAMAL, DIST. KONDHAMAL 762001 View
Baliguda Satellite Office 480T002 Baliguda Satellite Office, Main Road, Baliguda, Dist.Phulbani 761011 View
Jeypur Branch Office 588 Main Road, P.O. JEYPORE, DIST. KORAPUT 764001 View
Koraput Branch Office 59B P.O. Koraput, DIST. KORAPUT, DIST. KORAPUT 764020 View
Malkangiri Satellite Office 588T001 H/O, Sri M. Majumdar, Miin Road, Sambhaguda , Dt. Malkangiri 764045 View
Nowrangpur Branch Office 59E P.O. Nowrangpur, DIST. NOWRANGPUR, Nowrangpur 764059 View
Umerkote Satellite Office 59ET001 H/O, Smt. Sulata Dakua, Medical Road, D&K, Umerkote, Dt. Umerkote 764063 View
Nowapara Branch Office 57A P.O. Nowapara, DIST. NOWAPARA, Nowapara 766105 View
Raj Kheriar Satellite Office 57AT001 LIC Satellite Office, Raj Kheriar, At/PO-Raj Kheriar, Main Road, Dt. Naupara 766107 View
Rayagada Branch Office 58C P.O. Rayagada, DIST. RAYAGADA, DIST. RAYAGADA 765001 View
Gunupur Satellite Office 58CT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, At PO-Gunupur, Raigarh 765022 View
Araria Branch Office 52D Kachachari Road, BUS STAND, ARARIA 854311 View
Forbesganj Branch Office 543 Hospital Road, , DIST. ARARIA 854318 View
Jogbani Satellite Office 543T002 Tiwari Complex,Main Road, Near Custom Office, At/PO-Jogbani, Dt.Araria 854328 View
Raniganj Satellite Office 543T001 LIC of India, Raniganj SO, Desrani Bhawan, Raniganj, PO Maryganj, Dist. Araria 854334 View
Banka Branch Office 5011 Dokania Market, BANKA, BANKA 813102 View
Punsia Satellite Office 5011T001 Punisia SO, Deoghar Rd., At/PO-Punisia, Dt. Banka 813109 View
Bhagalpur Branch Office 523 LIC of India, Br.1, Sumrit Mandal Complex, Jail Road, Tikamanjhi, Bhagalpur 812001 View
Bhagalpur Branch Office 52B Opp. Head Post Office, BHAGALPUR, BHAGALPUR 812001 View
Bhagalpur Divisional Office D052 Sakhichand Ghat Road, NAYABAZAR, BHAGALPUR 812002 View
City SO Bhagalpur Satellite Office 523T003 Jha Bhawan, Near Dheber Dwar, KHARMAN CHAK, BHAGALPUR 812002 View
Kahalgaon Satellite Office 523T001 Kahalgaon, Station Road, Sona Patti, Bhagalpur 813208 View
Pirpainti Satellite Office 523T002 Shivam Complex, SHERMARI CHOWK, PIRPAINTI 813209 View
Sultajganj Satellite Office 52BT001 LIC of India, Sultanganj SO, Station Road, Near Petrol Pump, Sultanganj, Dist. Bhagalpur 813213 View
Katihar Branch Office 538 Mangal Bazar, KATIHAR, KATIHAR 854105 View
Manihari Satellite Office 538T003 Near Shanti Hotel,, Manihari., Post - Manihari, Dist - Katihar 854113 View
Kishanganj Branch Office 53B Hospital Road, KISHANGAJ, KISHANGAJ 855107 View
Bahadurganj Satellite Office 53BT001 LIC of India, Bahadurganj SO, Central Bank of India Road, Bahadurganj, Dist. Kishanganj 855101 View
Munger Branch Office 524 Rajbari Bazar, MUNGER, MUNGER 811201 View
Jamalpur Satellite Office 524T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Jubliwel M.G.Road, Jamalpur, House of Shri Ranjit Kumar 811214 View
Munger Satellite Office 524T001 Haweli Kharagpur, Goshala Market, H. Kharagpur, Munger 811201 View
Gulabbagh Branch Office 5001 Gulabbagh, DIST. PURNEA, DIST. PURNEA 854302 View
Purnia Branch Office 537 Jail Chowk, PURNIA, PURNIA 854301 View
Banmankhi Satellite Office 537T001 LIC of India, Banmankhi S.O., Thana Road, At + PO-Banmankhi, Dist. Purnea, Bihar 854202 View
Deoghar Branch Office 529 Court Road, DEOGHAR, DEOGHAR 814112 View
Dumka Branch Office 512 Nahar Park, P. B. NO.7, DUMKA 814101 View
Godda Branch Office 51F Pirpainti Road , GODDA , GODDA 814133 View
Mahagama Satellite Office 51FT001 Pirpatti Road, Mahagama, GODDA 814232 View
Jamtara Satellite Office 529T001 Allahabad Road, Behind G Maidan, Jamtara 815351 View
Sahibganj Branch Office 51E College Road, SAHEBGANJ, SAHEBGANJ 816101 View
Pakur Satellite Office 51ET001 LIC of India, Pakur SO, Ambedkar Chowk, Near Petrol Pump, Pakur, Dist. Sahibganj 816107 View
Madhupur Satellite Office 529T002 KHALASI MOHALL, MADHUPUR, MADHUPUR 815353 View
Basukinath Satellite Office 512T001 Upper Bazar, At-Basukinath, Po-Basukinath Dist - Dumka 814118 View
Amarpur Satellite Office 5011T002 Near Gramin Bank, At + Po - Amarpur, Dist - Banka 813102 View
Banki Satellite Office 58BT002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Banki, At-Kacheri Chhaka Banki, Post-Banki, Dist. Cuttack 754008 View
Balugaon Branch Office 58X Main Road,, BALUGAON, DIST:KHURDA 752030 View
Bhubaneshwar Branch Office 583 Suryanagar, UNIT-7, BHUBANESWAR, DIST: KHURDA 751001 View
Bhubaneshwar Branch Office 58H LIC of India,Branch II, Stock Exchange Bhawan, 1st floor, P-2,Jaidev,Bihar Chandrashekharpur, Bhubaneshwar 751023 View
Bhubaneshwar Branch Office 58S Jewel Rock Mansion, NAYAPALLI, BHUBANESWAR, DIST: KHURDA 751012 View
Bhubaneshwar Branch Office 5005 Plot No: 234, Cuttack-Puri Road, , BHUBANESWAR , DIST:KHURDA 751006 View
Khurda Branch Office 58B AT/PO: Khurda, DIST: KHURDA, DIST: KHURDA 752055 View
Bhubaneshwar Divisional Office D501 LIC of India, Divisional Office, Jeevan Prakash, Surya Nagar, Unit 7, Bhubaneswar 751001 View
Bhubaneshwar P&GS Unit G801 84, Kharvel Nagar, Unit 3, Bhubaneshwar, Bhubaneshwar 751001 View
Chandrasekharpur Satellite Office 581T001 Chandrasekharpur, Kiran Plaza, 84 District Center, Chandrasekharpur,Bhubaneswar 751016 View
Jatni Satellite Office 58BT001 LIC Of India, Satellite Office, Main Road, Jatni, DT-Khurda 752050 View
Khandagiri Satellite Office 58ST001 LIC of India, Khandagiri SO, Plot No.18/1183, Sub Plot No.6, Dumduma, Khandagiri Square, Bhubaneswar 751030 View
Samantarapur Satellite Office 583C001 LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office, Satellite Office, Girija Complex, Samantarapur 751002 View
Nayagarh Branch Office 58A AT/PO: Nayagarh, DIST: NAYAGARH, DIST: NAYAGARH 752069 View
Daspalla Satellite Office 58AT001 Jagapur Road, At/PO Daspalla, Dist. Nayagarh 752084 View
Nimapara Branch Office 58M Nimapara, DIST: PURI, DIST: PURI 752106 View
Puri Branch Office 470 Grand Road, PURI, PURI 751002 View
Brahamgiri Satellite Office 470T001 Near Lilanchal Gramin Bank, At/Po-Brahamgiri, Puri 752001 View
Kakatpur Satellite Office 58MT002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Chandan Bazar, Girls High School Road, Kakatpur 752108 View
Pipili Satellite Office 58MT001 Hat Chhak, Near Pipli Baptist Church, At/PO Pipli, Dist. Puri 752104 View
Angul Branch Office 58E AT/PO : Angul, DIST:ANGUL, DIST:ANGUL 759122 View
Talcher Branch Office 5006 Lingaraj OCP Road, TALCHER, DIST: ANGUL 759100 View
Chhendipada Satellite Office 58ET002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Main, Road, Chhendipada, Dt.Angul 759124 View
Nalco Nagar Satellite Office 58ET001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Opposite SBI, P.O. Kandsar, DT-Angul 759145 View
Baleshwar Branch Office 596 Zilla School Road, BALASORE, BALASORE 756101 View
Jaleswar Branch Office 58Z Jaleswar, DIST: BALASORE, Balasore 756032 View
Bhograi Satellite Office 58ZT001 Dehurda, Bhograi, Balasore 756036 View
Remuna Satellite Office 596T002 Remuna, At Remuna Golai Chhak, PO- Januganj, Dist.Balasore 756019 View
Soro Satellite Office 596T001 AT: Uttareswar, PO: SORE, DIST: BALASORE 756045 View
Bhadrak Branch Office 593 AT/PO/Dist : Bhadrak, Bhadrak, Bhadrak 756100 View
Basudevpur Satellite Office 593T002 Basudevpur Satellite Office, At/PO-Basudevpur, Dt. Bhadrak 756125 View
Chandbali Satellite Office 593T001 Chandbali, Hatpati, Dt. Bhadra 756133 View
Cuttack Branch Office 477 High Court Square, PO: CHANDINI CHOWK, CUTTACK 753002 View
Cuttack Branch Office 460 Jeevan Jyoti Buildings, LINK ROAD, CUTTACK 753012 View
Cuttack Branch Office 58N Sikhar Pur, CUTTACK, Cuttack 753003 View
Cuttack Branch Office 581 CDA, Sector-6, CUTTACK , CUTTACK 753014 View
Cuttack Divisional Office D058 Jeevan Prakash, NUAPATNA, CUTTACK 753001 View
Adaspur Satellite Office 460T001 LIC of India, Satellite office, High School Road, Adaspur, Cuttack 754011 View
Athgarh Satellite Office 582T001 Chandabali Chhak, Athgarh, Dist. Cuttack 754029 View
Choudwar Satellite Office 58NT002 LIC of India, SO Chooudwar, Milan Mandap, Kapaleshwar, Choudwar, Dt.Cuttack 754071 View
Cuttack Satellite Office 581C001 Cuttack-CLIA, Vishal Mart, 2nd floor, Bajrakabati Rd, Dt.Cuttack 753001 View
Salipur Satellite Office 58NT001 Bhuyan Market Complex, Lunahar, Salipur, Cuttack 754202 View
Dhenkanal Branch Office 582 AT/PO : Dhenkanal, DIST: DHENKANAL, DIST: DHENKANAL 759001 View
Kamakhyanagar Satellite Office 582T002 LIC of India, Kamakhyanagar SO, In front of Natraj Talkies, Main Road, Kamakhyanagar, Dt. Dhenkenal 759018 View
Jagatsinghapur Branch Office 448 Town Hall Road, JAGATSINGHPUR, 754103 View
Paradip Branch Office 58W AT/PO: Madhuban, PARADEEP, DIST: JAGATSINGHPUR 754142 View
Balikuda Satellite Office 448T001 Medical Road, NEAR POLICE STATION, AT&P.O.- BALIKUDA 754108 View
Rahama Satellite Office 58WT001 At/PO -Rahama, Dist-Jagatsinghpur, Jagatsingh 754140 View
Jajpur Town Branch Office 58D Jajpur Town, JAJPUR, JAJPUR 755001 View
Chandikhol Satellite Office 58DT002 Chandikhol, Chandikhole Chhak, PO, Sunguda, Dist.Jaipur 754024 View
Jajpur Road Satellite Office 58DT001 AT: Natapada, Opp. Green Market, JAJPUR ROAD, DIST: JAJPUR 755019 View
Kendrapara Branch Office 504 AT/PO: Kendrapara, DIST: KENDRAPARA, DIST: KENDRAPARA 754211 View
Pattamundai Branch Office 5013 Pattamundai, DIST: KENDRAPARA, 754215 View
Marshaghai Satellite Office 504T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, At-Juna Chhak, PO-Marhsaghai 754213 View
Barbil Branch Office 58K Kalinga Mines Road, BARBIL, DIST: KEONJHAR 758035 View
Kendujhar Branch Office 597 AT/PO/Dist : Keonjhar, Keonjhar, Keonjhar 758001 View
Anandpur Satellite Office 597T001 Sailong, Ghasipura, Anandapur, Dist.Keonjhar 758015 View
Joda Satellite Office 58KT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Bansapani Raod, Joda, DT- Keonjhar 758034 View
Kendujhar Satellite Office 597C001 LIC of India, CLIA SO, DD College Road, At+PO Kendujhar, Dt. Kendujhar 758001 View
Baripada Branch Office 598 Bhanjpur, BARIPADA, DIST: MAYURBHANJ 757002 View
Rairangpur Branch Office 58R Rairangpur, DIST: MAYURBHANJ, Mayurbhanj 757043 View
Baripada Clia Satellite Office 598C001 Baripada CLIA Office, At Anand Bazar, Ward No.9, Baripada, Dt. Mayurbhanj 757001 View
Karanjia Satellite Office 58RT001 Manik Chhak, Karanjia, Mayurbhanj 757037 View
Udala Satellite Office 598T001 Udala SO, Near Bus Stand, At/PO-Udala, Dt. Mayurbhanj 757041 View
Aul Satellite Office 5013T001 H/O- Mrs Jayanti Rout, Near Xavier, Main Road, At- Aul 754219 View
Betnoti Satellite Office 598T002 At - Betnoti, Post - Betnoti, Dist - Mayurbhanj (Orissa) 757025 View
Bokaro Steel City Branch Office 5009 P.O. Chas, DIST. BOKARO, Bokaro 827013 View
Bokaro Steel City Branch Office 566 Sector - 4, City Centre, BOKARO STEEL CITY, Bokaro 827004 View
Bokaro Steel City Branch Office 55H Sector -4, CITY CENTRE, BOKARO STEEL CITY 827004 View
Gomia Branch Office 51J Station Road, GOMIA, DIST. BOKARO 829111 View
Phusro Branch Office 51C Naya Road, PHUSRO BAZAR, BERMO, BOKARO 829104 View
Chandrapura Satellite Office 51CT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Jharnadih, Dist. Bokaro 828403 View
Chatra Satellite Office 525T001 Awal Mahalla, KACHHARI ROAD, CHATRA 825401 View
Chirkunda Branch Office 556 Building Of D.C. Rakhori, SARIYA PAHARI, P.O.CHIRKUNDA,DIST.DHANBAD 828202 View
Dhanbad Branch Office 568 DR. B. Prasad Building, BARWA ROAD, P.B. NO.54, DIST. DHANBAD 826001 View
Dhanbad Branch Office 557 B.P. Agarwal Building, JHARIYA ROAD, P.O.& DIST. DHANBAD 826001 View
Dhanbad Branch Office 55A ICA Building, Opp. Howrah Motor CO, JORA PATAK ROAD, DIST. DHANBAD 826001 View
Dhanbad Branch Office 55C Dharmasala Road, P.O. JHARIA, DIST. DHANBAD 826001 View
Govindpur Branch Office 55L Anand Bihar, G.T. Road, P.O. GOVINDPUR, DIST. DHANBAD 828109 View
Katrasgarh Branch Office 558 Rajganj Road, P.O. KATRAS BAZAR, DIST. DHANBAD 828114 View
Sindri Branch Office 567 LIC Bhawan, SINDRI, DIST. DHANBAD 828122 View
Dhanbad Satellite Office 568C001 LIC of India, CLIA SO, O' Zone Centre, Bank More, Dhanbad 828106 View
Gomoh Satellite Office 558T001 Naya Bazar, Gomoh Topchanchi Road, Po-Gomoh 828401 View
Nirsa Satellite Office 556T001 JAMTARA ROAD, PO/PS- NIRSA, 828205 View
Giridih Branch Office 526 Near Viswanath Mandir, MAKATPUR ROAD, GIRIDIH 815301 View
Bagodar Satellite Office 526T003 G. T. Road,, At/PO-Bagodar,, GIRIDH DISTRICT 825322 View
Isri Satellite Office 526T001 LIC of India, Isri S.O., Near Jaishree Petrol Pump, G.T. Road, Isri Bazar, Dist.Giridh 825107 View
Rajdhanwar Satellite Office 526T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Bikram Bikash Bhawan, Oppostie Dak Banglow, Block Road, PO-Rajdhanwar 825412 View
Hazaribag Branch Office 525 Jeevan Jyoti Bhawan, DIST.BOARD CHOWK, HAZARIBAGH825301 825301 View
Hazaribag Branch Office 4001 Morris Road, JULU PARK, DIST. HAZARIBAGH 825301 View
Hazaribag Divisional Office D054 Dist Board Building, DIST BOARD CHOWK, HAZARIBAGH 825301 View
Barhi Satellite Office 525T002 Dhanbad Road, Near Bank of India, At+PO-Barhi, Dist. Hazaribagh 825405 View
Chouparan SO Satellite Office 51GT001 Chouparan SO, G.T. Road, At/PO-Chouparan , Dt. Hazaribagh 825406 View
Hazaribag Satellite Office 525T003 Hazaribagh Town SO, Above Central Bank of India, Malviya Marg, Jhanda Chowk, Hazaribagh, Dist. Hazaribagh 825301 View
Hazaribag Satellite Office 525C001 Vardan Market,, Matwari Chowk, At/PO- Hazaribagh, Hazaribagh District 825301 View
Jhumri-Tilaiya Branch Office 51G Patna-Ranchi Road, NR.MUNICIPAL OFFICE, JUMRI-TELAIYA, DT.KODARMA 825409 View
Domchanch Satellite Office 51GT002 Kushwaha Sewa Samiti, Beside Giridih-Koderama Rd, Domchanch 825418 View
Ramgarh Branch Office 519 Gola Road, P.O. RAMGARH CANTT., DIST. HAZARIBAGH 829122 View
Bhurkunda Satellite Office 519T001 Near J.M. College, PO-Bhurkunda, Dist.Ramgarh 829106 View
Gola Satellite Office 519T002 Gola Satellite Office, Ganesh Bhawan, Main Road, Gola, Dt. Ramgarh 829110 View
Kuju Satellite Office 525T004 LIC of India, Kuju SO, Near State Bank of India, PO Kuju, Dt. Ramgarh 825316 View
Garhwa Branch Office 55K House Of Sri R.K. Pandey, KUTCHERY ROAD, GARHWA 822114 View
Gumla Branch Office 55E "JEEVAN JYOTI", BARAIIK MOHALLA, AT & P.O.- GUMLA 835207 View
Khunti Satellite Office 55PT002 K P Complex, AT- Dahugti, PO & PS- Khunti 835210 View
Latehar Satellite Office 562T001 Main Road , LATEHAR , 829206 View
Lohardaga Satellite Office 55ET001 Lohardaga, Sharda Complex, Mahabir Chowk, Distt.Lohardaga 835302 View
Daltonganj Branch Office 562 Kejriwal Mansion , SRINAGAR ROAD, AMTA TOLI , DALTANGANJ 822101 View
Daltonganj Satellite Office 562T002 Tiwary Complex, Near Overbridge, Po-Redma 822102 View
Japla Satellite Office 562T003 Near J P Chowk, Chhatar pur Road, Ps-Hussainabad,Po-Japla 822116 View
Chaibasa Branch Office 55B Near Jasoda Talkies, CHAIBASA, WEST SINGHBHUM 833201 View
Chakradharpur Branch Office 553 LIC Building, MAIN ROAD, CHAKRADHARPUR, WEST SINGHBHUM 833102 View
Naomundi Satellite Office 55BT001 Central Camp, Near SBI,Tata Steel Colony, Naomundi, Dist.WEst Singhbhum 833217 View
Adityapur Branch Office 55D Aiada Bhawan, ADITYAPUR, JAMSHEDPUR 831013 View
Ghatsila Branch Office 552 Abhilasa Building, GHATSILA, SINGHBHUM 832303 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 551 Jeevan Prakash, BISTUPUR MAIN ROAD, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 554 Hindusthan Building, BISTUPUR, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 555 Hindusthan Building, BISTUPUR MAIN ROAD, JAMSHEDPUR 831006 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 584 Nrabheram Chambers, MAIN ROAD, BISTUPUR, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 55G Purulia Road, MANGO STATION ROAD, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 55F 503, Shanti Complex, MIKHIRAM BUILDING, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur Branch Office 55N Lokenath Building, JUGSALAI MAIN ROAD, JAMSHEDPUR 831012 View
Jamshedpur Divisional Office D055 Jeevan Prakash, MAIN ROAD, BISTUPUR, JAMSHEDPUR 831001 View
Jamshedpur P&GS Unit G802 Hindustan Building, Main Road, PO Bistupur, 3rd floor, Jamshedpur 831001 View
Berhagora Satellite Office 552T001 Main Road, At Patpur, PO Baharagoara, Dist. Singbhum 832101 View
Chhota Govindpur Satellite Office 551T001 Chota Govindpur SO, LIC of India,, Rajendra Bhawan, Chhota Govindpur, Jamshedpur 831015 View
Khalari Branch Office 5007 Near Mandar Police Thana, P.O. MANDAN, DIST. RANCHI 829205 View
Ranchi Branch Office 561 Saluja Building, P.P. COMPOUND, RANCHI 834001 View
Ranchi Branch Office 560 Jeevan Jyoti Building, PURULIA ROAD, RANCHI 864001 View
Ranchi Branch Office 559 Atmaram Building, RADHESHYAM LANE, MAIN ROAD, RANCHI 834001 View
Ranchi Branch Office 55P Indira Palace, MAIN ROAD, HINOO, RANCHI 864002 View
Ranchi P&GS Unit G805 LIC of India, P&GS Extn.Counter, A.H .Complex,Opp. SFC Godown, Jamia Nagar, Kadru, Ranchi 834002 View
Bundu Satellite Office 55PT001 NH 33, Near SBI, At/PO Bundu, Dist. Ranchi 835204 View
Khalari Satellite Office 5007T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Near Railway Station, At+PO,Khelari, Distt.-Ranchi 829205 View
Ranchi Satellite Office 561T001 Ratu Road, Ranchi, Distt. Ranchi 834005 View
Chandil Satellite Office 55GT001 Main Road, Near Dak Bangla, At/PO, Chandil, Dist. Saraikela 832401 View
Simdega Satellite Office 55ET002 1st floor, Biru Complex, Near Thana, Simdega 835223 View
Saraikela Satellite Office 553T001 WARD NO-8, , NEAR HAT TOLA, AT & P.O.- SARAIKELA 833219 View
Darbhanga Branch Office 534 Ashoka Complex, RAJKUMARGANJ, DARBHANGA 846004 View
Laheriasarai Branch Office 53D Near Congress Office, BALBHADRAPUR, LAHERIASARAI 846001 View
Benipur Satellite Office 53DT001 Manju Complex, Bharath Chowk(Karhari), Benipur 847103 View
Jhanjharpur Branch Office 5008 Red Cross Building, JHANJARPUR, MADHUBANI 847404 View
Madhubani Branch Office 542 Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, MADHUBANI, MADHUBANI 847211 View
Jainagar Satellite Office 542T001 Opp. Shankar Cinema Hall, Main Road, Jainagar, Dist. Madhubani 847226 View
Madhubani Satellite Office 542T002 Opposite Watson High School, Main Road, At/Po-Madhubani 847211 View
Sakri Satellite Office 534T001 Hussain Market, Cinema Road, In front of Post Office, SAKRI 847239 View
Motipur Branch Office 53H Motipur Branch, MOTIPUR, MUZAFFARPUR 843111 View
Muzaffarpur Branch Office 531 Jeevan Jyoti, U.S.P. MARG, MUZAFFARPUR 842002 View
Muzaffarpur Branch Office 489 Giridhar Complex, NEAR JS PARK, MUZAFFARPUR 842002 View
Muzaffarpur Branch Office 53G Hotel Ambassador, KALAMBAGH ROAD, MUZAFFARPUR 842001 View
Muzaffarpur Branch Office 515 Jeevan Prakash, U.S.P. MARG , MUZAFFARPUR 842002 View
Muzaffarpur Divisional Office D053 Jeevan Prakash, UMASHANKAR PRASAD MARG, MUZAFFARPUR 842002 View
Bhagawanpur Satellite Office 53GC001 LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office, Bhagwanpur, SBI Lane, Sri Rampur, Muzaffarpur 842001 View
Sakra Dholi Satellite Office 489T001 ABOVE STATE BANK OF INDIA, AT-SAKRA DHOLI, 843105 View
Saraya Satellite Office 531T001 Saraya Satellite Office, LIC of India, Shukla Shopping Complex, Rewa Road, Saraya, Dt. Muzaffarpur 843126 View
Bagaha Branch Office 53J Bagha Branch, BAGHA, WEST CHAMPARAN 845101 View
Bettiah Branch Office 547 Station Chowk, BETTIAH, WEST CHAMPARAN 845438 View
Narkatiyaganj Satellite Office 547T001 LIC of India, Narkatiyaganj SO, Shivganj Road, Pokhra Chowk, Narkatiyaganj, Dist.West Champaran 845455 View
Motihari Branch Office 536 Hazar Jyoti Complex, BANK ROAD, CHHATAUNI, MOTIHARI 845401 View
Raxaul Branch Office 53C Bikash Bhawan, MAIN ROAD, RAXAUL, EAST CHAMPARAN 845305 View
Areraj Satellite Office 536T003 Anita Complex, Areraj SO, Main Road, At/PO Areraj, Dt. Motihari 845411 View
Chakia Satellite Office 536T001 LIC of India, Chakia S.O., Krishna Complex, Near Block Office, Barachakia Dist. 845412 View
Dhaka Satellite Office 536T002 LIC of India, Dhaka SO, Bindeshwari Complex, Gandhi Chowk, Dhaka, Dist.East Champaran 845418 View
Motihari Satellite Office 536C001 LIC of India, CLIA Satellite Office, Basu Sri Complex, Miscott, Main Rd.,Motihari, Distt-East Champaran 845401 View
Sugauli Satellite Office 53CT001 LIC of India, Sugauli SO, Siswania Tola, Nr. Block House, Sugauli, Dist. East Champaran 845456 View
Shivhar Satellite Office 533T001 Shivhar SO , LIC of India, At Zero Mile, PO/Dt. Shivhar 843026 View
Sitamarhi Branch Office 533 Near Lakhandei, BRIDGE, SITAMARHI 843004 View
Pupri Satellite Office 533T002 Krishna Complex, Pupri, Sitamarhi 843320 View
Ahiyapur Satellite Office 515T001 K P Complex, AT - Ahiyapur, P.S.- Ahiyapur 842002 View
Phulparas Satellite Office 5008T001 Hospital Road, At- Phulparas, P.O. Phulparas 847409 View
Arwal Satellite Office 51HT001 Satellite Office Arwal, LIC of India, Dist. Arwal 804401 View
Aurangabad Branch Office 517 Chandel Niwas , MAHARAJGANJ ROAD , AURANGABAD 824101 View
Daudnagar Satellite Office 517T001 Bhakurua More , NEAR PETROL PUMP , DAUDNAGAR 800000 View
Nabinagar Satellite Office 517T002 Nabinagar Satellite Office, LIC of India, Station Road, Nabinagar, P.O.-Nabinagar, Dist.Aurangabad 824301 View
Rafiganj Satellite Office 517T003 In front of Police Station, At/Po-Rafiganj, AURANGABAD 824125 View
Gaya Branch Office 527 Swarajpuri Road, GAYA, GAYA 800000 View
Gaya Branch Office 51M Swarajpuri Road, GAYA, Gaya 800000 View
Bodh-Gaya Satellite Office 527T003 Near Internation Meditation Centre, Bodh-Gaya, Gaya 824231 View
Sherghati Satellite Office 51MT001 Apna Bazar (Ground Floor), Opp. Ranglal High School, Sherghati (Gaya) 824211 View
Tekari Satellite Office 527T002 Tekari SO, LIC of India, Khachyan Road, Tekari, Dist. Gaya 824236 View
Wazirganj Satellite Office 527T001 Opp. Wazirganj Polic Station, Wazirganj, Dist. Gaya 805131 View
Jehanabad Branch Office 51H Court Area, JEHANABAD, Jehanabad 800000 View
Biharsharif Branch Office 522 Station Road, BIHARSHARIF, BIHARSHARIF 803213 View
Rajgir Branch Office 51L Near Bus Stand, SHIVA HOTEL COMPLEX, RAJGIR 800000 View
Hilsa Satellite Office 522T002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Patel Market, Patel Nagar, At+PO-Hilsa Distt.Nalanda 801302 View
Nawada Branch Office 51A Opposite Bus Stand, NOWADAH, 800000 View
Hisua Satellite Office 51AT001 Rajgir Road, At & PO- Hisua, Dist. Nawadah 805103 View
Patna Branch Office 490 Jeevan Deep, EXHIBITION ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna Branch Office 550 Jeevan Prakash, FRASER ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna Branch Office 521 Jeevan Deep, EXHIBITION ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna Branch Office 518 Jeevan Deep, EXHIBITION ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna Branch Office 544 Hajiganj, PATNA CITY, Patna 800020 View
Patna Branch Office 51N Near Rajendra Nagar, OVERBRIDGE, PATNA 800020 View
Patna Divisional Office D051 Jeevan Prakash, MAZHARUL HAQUE PATH, FRASER ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna P&GS Unit G803 Jeevan Prakash, Mazharulhaque Path, PB No.135, Patna 800001 View
Fatuha Satellite Office 544T001 Fatuha Main Road, Nohata Kothi, Dist. Patna 803201 View
Gaighat Satellite Office 544T002 AT- Belwarganj, Gaighat, NEAR FIRE BRIGADE, P.O.-GULZARBAGH 800007 View
Hernaut Satellite Office 522T001 Main Road, Near Punjab National Bank, P.S.- Mokama, Distt. Patna 813302 View
Masaurhi Satellite Office 518T002 Shyam Bihari Market , Opposite Police Station , Main Road,Masaourhi 804452 View
Phoolwarisharif Satellite Office 518T001 Sumitra Complex, Near Phoolwarisharif Block, Phoolwarisharif, Patna 801505 View
RajaBazar Satellite Office 550T001 Gayatri Bhawan, Rajabazar, Jagdeo Path, Patna, Dist.Patna 800014 View
Sipara Satellite Office 550T002 LIC Satellite Office, Sipara, At/PO-Sipara, Masaurhi Road, Nr. SBI,Dt. Patna 812002 View
Hajipur Branch Office 545 Soni Alankar Complex , GUDRI BAZAR , HAJIPUR 844101 View
Goraul Satellite Office 545T003 Garaul Satellite Office, LIC of India, Station Road,, Garaul, Dist.Vaishali 844118 View
Lalganj Satellite Office 545T004 Lalganj SO, Thana Rd., At PO-Lalganj, Dt. Vishali 844121 View
Mahnar Satellite Office 545T002 Mahanar Bazar, Main Road at+PO - Mahanar, Distt. Vaishali 844506 View
Mahua Satellite Office 545T001 Mahua Main Road , MAHUA , HAZIPUR 844122 View
Warsaliganj Satellite Office 51AT002 Nutan Complex, Ground Floor, Thana Chowk, Warsaliganj 805130 View
Arrah Branch Office 528 Mahabir Tola, ARRAH, ARRAH 800000 View
Arrah Satellite Office 528C001 LIC of India, CLIA SO, Dharampur Sadar, Pakri Chowk, Ara, Dist. Ara 802301 View
Bihiya Satellite Office 528T002 Bhiya SO, LIC of India, Rajabazar, Kataiya Road, Bhiya, Dist. Bhojpur 802152 View
Piro Satellite Office 528T001 Piro, Piro-Bhiya Road, Distt.Ara 802207 View
Buxar Branch Office 502 P. P. Road, BUXAR, BUXAR 800000 View
Dumraon Satellite Office 502T001 Opposite Dumraon Block Office, Station Road, Dumraon, PO Dumraon, Dist.Buxar 802119 View
Gopalganj Branch Office 549 Chandra Gokul Road, GOPALGANJ, GOPALGANJ 841428 View
Mirganj Satellite Office 549T001 Uma Phooldeo Bhawan, Registry Kachahari Road, Mirganj, Dist.Gopalganj 841438 View
Bhabhua Satellite Office 51KT001 Sheoshankar Market, Mohana Road, Bhabhua Dist., Kaimur 821101 View
Mohania Satellite Office 51KT002 LIC of India, Satellite Office, G.T. Road, Near Punjab National Bank, Opp.Hotel Kaimur, AT+PO-Mohania, Distt.Kamur 821109 View
Patna Branch Office 513 National Insurance Plot, STATION ROAD, PATNA 800001 View
Patna Branch Office 51D Rajpati Palace, TAKAIPAR, DANAPUR, PATNA 800000 View
Patna Divisional Office D503 Jeevan Ganga Building, 4th floor, Frazer Road, Dt. Patna 800001 View
Bihta Satellite Office 51DT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Kunal Building, Bihta Chowk, Bihta, Dist. Patna 801103 View
Boring Road Satellite Office 513T001 Patna, LG Complex, Opp.Lalita Hotel, West Boring Canal Rd.,Patna 800023 View
Naubatpur Satellite Office 51DT002 JANARDAN NIWAS, BELA, OPP TVS SHOWROOM, NH-98, NAUBATPUR 801109 View
Patna CLIA Satellite Office 513C001 B.S.F.C. Building, Frazer Road, Patna 800001 View
Dehri Branch Office 511 Thana Chowk, DEHRI, DEHRI 800000 View
Sasaram Branch Office 51K Branch Office,Ashikpur New Area, , New Area Housing Colony, Sasaram 821115 View
Vikramganj Satellite Office 511T001 Vikramganj, At+PO-Vikramganj, Dist.Rohtas 802212 View
Chapra Branch Office 532 Jeevan Bima Bhawan, DAK BANGLA ROAD, CHAPRA 841301 View
Chapra Branch Office 5012 Dak Bangla Road, CHAPRA, Chapra 841301 View
Marhowrah Branch Office 53F Marhowrah Branch, MARHOWRAH, CHAPRA 841418 View
Dighwara Satellite Office 53GT001 LIC of India, Dighwara SO, At Chakur, National Highway 19, Ward No.5, Main Road, Dighwara, Dist Saran 841207 View
Ekma Satellite Office 5012T001 LIC of India, Ekma SO, Block Road, Ekma, Dist Saran 841208 View
Maharajganj Branch Office 53I Maharajganj Branch, MAHARAJGANJ, SIWAN 841238 View
Siwan Branch Office 546 Mahadeva Road, SIWAN, SIWAN 841226 View
Mairwa Satellite Office 546T001 LIC of India, Mairwa SO, Opp. State Bank of India (ADB Branch), Main Road, Mairwa, Dist. Siwan 841239 View
Siwan Satellite Office 546C001 Siwan CLIA SO, LIC of India, Sudarshan Chowk, Srinagar Marwa Rd.,At PO/Dt.Siwan 841226 View
Paliganj Satellite Office 51DT003 Nirakhpur, Chandous Road, Paliganj 801110 View
Balangir Branch Office 586 P.O. Bolangir, DIST. BOLANGIR, DIST. BOLANGIR 767001 View
Titlagarh Branch Office 59F LIC of India, At Sargiguda, Bolangir Rd., PO-Titlagarh, Dt. Bolangir 767033 View
Kantabanji Satellite Office 59FT001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Omprakash Jhariwalia Chowk, PO Kantabanji, Dist.Bolangir 767039 View
Pattnagarh Satellite Office 586T002 Pattnagarh SO, LIC of India, At Brahampura Chowk, PO-Pattnagarh, Dt. Bolangir 767025 View
Bargarh Branch Office 438 P.O. Bargarh, DIST. BARGARH, DIST. BARGARH 768028 View
Padampur Branch Office 59H P.O. Padampur, DIST. BARGARH, Bargarh 768036 View
Barpali Satellite Office 438T001 Near Cinema Hall, AT + PO Barpali, Dist. Bargarh 768029 View
Deogharh Satellite Office 59KT001 At Rounak Plaza, Gopobandhu Chowk, PO+Distt.-Deogarh 768108 View
Jharsguda Branch Office 591 P.O. Jharsuguda, DIST. JHARSUGUDA, DIST. JHARSUGUDA 768202 View
Belpahar Satellite Office 591T001 Near NAC New Buildings, At+PO-Belpahar, Dist.Jharsuguda 768218 View
Burla Branch Office 59D P.O. Burla, DIST. SAMBALPUR, Sambalpur 768017 View
Kuchinda Branch Office 59K P.O. Kuchinda, DIST. SAMBALPUR, Sambalpur 768222 View
Sambalpur Branch Office 5004 Hansini Tower, AINTHAPALI, SAMBALPUR, DIST. SAMBALPUR 768004 View
Sambalpur Branch Office 587 Jeevan Prakash, AINTHAPALI, SAMBALPUR, DIST. SAMBALPUR 768004 View
Sambalpur Divisional Office D059 Jeevan Prakash, AINTHAPALI, SAMBALPUR 768004 View
Sambalpur P&GS Unit G409 Jeevan Prakash, AINTHAPALI, DIST. SAMBALPUR 768004 View
Rairakhol Satellite Office 5004T001 Main Road, AT + PO - Rairakhol, Dist. Sambalpur 768106 View
Rengali Satellite Office 587T001 AT/PO : Rengali, DIST:SAMBALPUR, Sambalpur 768212 View
Dungripali Satellite Office 586T003 LIC of India, Dungripali SO, Shivananda Pada, Main Road, Dungripali, Dist.Subarnpur 767023 View
Sonepur Satellite Office 586T001 Sonapur, Sonepur, Sonepur 767017 View
Bonai Branch Office 5003 P.O. Bonai , DIST. SUNDARGARH , Sundargarh 770038 View
Panposh Branch Office 59C 7 & 8 Area, Civil Township, ROURKELLA, DIST. SUNDARGARH 769004 View
Raurkela Branch Office 589 Sector 19, Rourkela , DIST. SUNDARGARH , DIST. SUNDARGARH 769005 View
Sundargarh Branch Office 59A P.O. Sundargarh, DIST. SUNDARGARH, DIST. SUNDARGARH 770001 View
Uditnagar Branch Office 510 Kachery Road, ROURKELA, DIST. SUNDARGARH 769012 View
Birmitrapur Satellite Office 510T001 LIC of India, Satellite Office, Biramitrapur, Lahakothi 770033 View
Rajrangpur Satellite Office 59CT001 Main Road, At + Po-Rajgangpur, Distt. Sundargarh 770017 View
Patna Zonal Office ZO08 Jeevan Deep Building, 6th Floor, Exhibition Road, Patna 800001 View
Bankura Branch Office 468 Acharya J.C. Vidyanidhi Road, NUTAN CHATI, P.O. & DT. BANKURA 722122 View
Bishnupur Branch Office 46C College Road, P.O. BISHNUPUR, 722122 View
Khatra Branch Office 46H P.O. Khatra, DIST. BANKURA, 722140 View
Sonamukhi Satellite Office 46CT001 ViII+PO-Sonamukhi Municipality Abashik Bhawan, PO-Sonamukhi , Dist.-Bankura 722207 View
Beliatole Satellite Office 468T001 Apanjan Marriage Hall, PO-Beliatole, Dist. Bankura 722203 View
Gangajalghati Satellite Office 468T002 PO+PS Gangajalghati, 0, 722133 View
Raipur Satellite Office 46HT001 H/O, Sri Nayan Ranjan Mondal, PO Raipur, Dt. Bankura, Asansol 722134 View
Asansol-CBO-1 Branch Office 463 LIC Investment Building, WEST END, G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL 713304 View
Asansol-CBO-2 Branch Office 465 LIC Divisional Office Building, WEST END, G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL 713304 View
Asansol Branch Office 478 Jeevan Prakash, 2ND FLOOR, WEST END, G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL 713304 View
Chittaranjan Branch Office 46G Dabar More, P.O. Rupnarayanpur Bazar, , 713364 View
Durgapur-CBO-1 Branch Office 472 LIC Building, Neheru Avenue,, B.ZONE, P.O. DURGAPUR 713205 View
Durgapur-CBO-2 Branch Office 476 Harekrishna Konar Sarani,, CITY CENTRE, P.O. DURGAPUR 713216 View
Kulti Branch Office 46N Thana More, P.O. KULTI, DT. BURDWAN 713343 View
Raniganj Branch Office 46A 62/1, N. S. B. Road, P.O. RANIGANJ, DT. BURDWAN 713347 View
Ukhra Branch Office 46D Bajpayee More, P.O. UKHRA, DT. BURDWAN 713363 View
Ushagram Branch Office 46E LIC Investment Building,, West End,G.T.Road,, Asansol 713304 View
Asansol Divisional Office D046 Jeevan Prakash, WEST END, G.T.ROAD, ASANSOL 713304 View
Asansol P&GS Unit G401 Jeevan Prakash, 1st floor, West End, GT Road, Asansol 713304 View
Jamuriya Satellite Office 46AT001 Jamuria Municipal Guest House, PO-Nandi, Distt.Barddhman 713344 View
Murgasole Satellite Office 463T001 31/32, G.T. Road, Opp. Durga Mandir, Asansol 713303 View
Balrampur Satellite Office 569T002 Near Bus Stand, Bus Stand Road, PO-Rangadih 723143 View
Jhalda Branch Office 46J P.O. Jhalda, DT. PURULIA, 723202 View
Purulia Branch Office 569 Red Cross Road , P.O. & DT. PURULIA, 723101 View
Raghunathpur Branch Office 565 Jeevan Jyoti Complex, P.O. RAGHUNATHPUR, DIST. PURULIA 723133 View
Manbazar Satellite Office 569T001 At Manbazar, Teacher's Colony, Prince Road, PO-Manbazar, Dt. Purulla 723131 View
Burdwan Branch Office 462 LIC Building,, G.T.ROAD, P.O. & DT. BURDWAN 713101 View
Burdwan Branch Office 4021 Sundaram Building,, PARBIRHATA, PO SRIPALLY, , DT BURDWAN, 713103 View
Burdwan Branch Office 46F Municipality Complex, JALKAL MATH, NEAR POLICE LINES, SRIPALLY, P.O. & DT. BURDWAN 713101 View
Gushkara Branch Office 46K P.O. Gushkara, DT. BURDWAN, 713216 View
Kalna Branch Office 471 P.O. Kalna, DIST. BURDWAN, 713304 View
Katwa Branch Office 503 Telephone Maidan, P.O. KATWA, DT. BURDWAN 713130 View
Memari Branch Office 475 LIC Building, G.T.ROAD, P.O. MEMARI, DT. BURDWAN 713143 View
Panagarh Branch Office 46L G. T. Road, P.O. PANAGARH BAZAR, DT. BURDWAN 713143 View
Barddhaman Divisional Office D404 Gopal Nagar Ghordoun Chati , Beside Baikunthapur GP-2, PO-Shripatty, Dt.Burdwan 713103 View
Dainhat Satellite Office 503T001 Municipality Market Complex, Kalina Katwa Road, Opp.Police Phari, Dainhat, Dt.Burdwan 713502 View
Jamalpur Satellite Office 475T001 Vill. Jamalpur"Pool Matha", PO-Jamalpur, Dist. Burdwan 713408 View
Manteswar Satellite Office 471T001 H/O Sri Chanchal Chatterjee, PO Manteswar, Dt. Burdwan, Asansol 713145 View
Sheara Bazar Satellite Office 46FT001 At Sheara Bazar, PO-Sheara Bazar, Dt. Burdwan, 713423 View
Galsi Satellite Office 462T002 NEAR ELECTRICTY OFFICE, NH-2, PO: GALSI 713406 View
Kandra Satellite Office 503T002 LIC Kandra SO, Near Kandra JM High School, PO&VILL-Kandra 713129 View
Bolpur Branch Office 474 Near Jambuni Bus Stand, P.O. BOLPUR, DIST. BIRBHUM 713101 View
Rampurhat Branch Office 46B 4, Express Highway, BHARSALAPARA, P.O. RAMPURHAT, DT. BIRBHUM 731224 View
Sainthia Branch Office 46M Lowtore Road, P.O. SAINTHIA, DT. BIRBHUM 731234 View
Suri Branch Office 461 Tagore Road, P.O. SURI, DT. BIRBHUM 731101 View
Dubrajpur Satellite Office 461T001 Indira Gandhi Market Complex, Opp Dubrajpur Municipality, PO-Dubrajpur, Dt.Birbhum 731123 View
Ilambazar Satellite Office 474T001 H/O Sri Anand Saha, PO Ilambazar, Dt. Birbhum, Asansol 731214 View
Kirnahar Satellite Office 474T002 Suri-Katwa Rd. Kirnahar Bazar(E), PO-Kirnahar, Dist.-Birbhum 731302 View
Nalhati Satellite Office 46BT001 Market Complex Building, Netaji Bose Road, PO-Nalhati, Dist. Birbhum 731220 View
Bhatar Satellite Office 462T001 Karimpur Bus Stand, PO- Karimpur, Dist. Nadia 741152 View
Barpeta Branch Office 574 Metua Kuchi,, JANIA ROAD, ASSAM 781301 View
Barpeta Branch Office 48K Near Public Motor Stand, P.O. BARPETA ROAD, ASSAM 781315 View
Pathsala Branch Office 4009 P.O. Pathsala, DIST. BARPETA, ASSAM 781325 View
Bongaigaon Branch Office 500 Bongaigaon Branch, RANA BHAWAN, MAIN ROAD, BONGAIGAON 783380 View
Bongaigaon Divisional Office D401 Jeevan Prakash , BARPARA, MAIN ROAD, BONGAIGAON 783380 View
Bongaigaon Satellite Office 500T001 Abhayapuri Main Road, adjacent To UBI, Bongaigaon 783390 View
Bijni Branch Office 48R Main Bazar,, P.O. Bijni, 783390 View
Bilasipara Branch Office 48N J. P. Road,, P.O. BILASIPARA,, DHUBRI 783348 View
Dhubri Branch Office 485 Prova Villa, T.R.PHUKAN ROAD, DHUBRI 783301 View
Chapar Satellite Office 48NT001 Infront of Chapar Hospital, N.H.31, PO-Chapar, BILASIPARA 783371 View
Goalpara Branch Office 48D Agia Road, Baladmari,, P.O. & DT. GOALPARA, ASSAM 783101 View
Gossaigaon Branch Office 4007 P.O. Gossaigaon, DIST. KOKRAJHAR, 783360 View
Kokrajhar Branch Office 420 Bazar Road,, P.O. & DIST. KOKRAJHAR, 783370 View
Dudhnoi Branch Office 48P Damra Road, P.O. DUDHNOI, GOALPARA 783124 View
Tura Branch Office 48A P.O. Tura, DIST. WEST GARO HILLS,, MEGHALAYA 794001 View
Barama Satellite Office 482T001 National Highway No.31, In front of Barama Girls High School, 781346 View
Mangaldoi Branch Office 573 L.N.B. Road, Mangaldoi, 784105 View
Dispur Branch Office 592 Ganeshguri Chariali, G.S.Road, GUWAHATI 781005 View
Guwahati Branch Office 437 Jeevan Prakash, 1ST FLOOR, S.S. ROAD, FANCY BAZAR 781001 View
Guwahati Branch Office 481 Jeevan Deep Building, PANBAZAR, GUWAHATI 781001 View
Guwahati Branch Office 548 Laxmi Service Complex, SILPUKHURI, GUWAHATI 781003 View
Guwahati Branch Office 570 Jeevan Prakash, 2ND FLOOR,S.S. ROAD, GUWAHATI 781001 View
Maligaon Branch Office 48C Maligaon Chariali, P.O. MALIGAON, GUWAHATI 781011 View
Guwahati Divisional Office D048 Jeevan Prakash, S.S.ROAD, GUWAHATI 781001 View
Guwahati P&GS Unit G404 Jeevan Prakash, S.S. Road, 5th floor, Fancy Bazar, Guwahati 781001 View
Bamuni Maidan Satellite Office 548T001 Narangi Tiniali, Near Uco Bank, PO Bamuni Maidan 781021 View
Bashistha Chaiali Satellite Office 592T001 LIC of India, Bashistha Chaiali, PO Dishpur, Guwahati DO 781005 View
Lalganesh Satellite Office 570T001 Lalganesh SO, 2nd floor, Maa Urba Bibaha Bhawan, Lalganesh, Guwahati 781034 View
Hajo Branch Office 4011 P.O. Hajo, DIST. KAMRUP, 781001 View
Mirza Branch Office 48H Opposite ASTC Bus Stand, P.O. MIRZA, KAMRUP 781125 View
Rangia Branch Office 48E Assam Import Building, P.O. RANGIA, 781354 View
Baihata Chairali Satellite Office 48ET001 Near STC Bus Stand, PO-Baihata Chariali, Dist.Kamrup 786610 View
Diphu Branch Office 48F Atma Singh Building,, P.O. DIPHU,, KARBI ANGLONG 782415 View
Jagi Road Satellite Office 48JT001 Shiv Mandir Road, PO-Jagi Road, Dt. Morigaon 786610 View
Morigaon Branch Office 48J P.O. & Dist. Morigaon, , 782105 View
Hojai Branch Office 571 Main Road, HOJAI, NAGAON 782415 View
Nagaon Branch Office 488 A.T. Road, DIST. NAGAON , 782001 View
Dhing Satellite Office 488T002 Dhing SO, Dhing Morabari Road,, PO-Dhing, Dist.Nagaon, 782123 View
Lumding Satellite Office 571T001 Lumding College Road, PO- Lumding, Dist.Nagaion 782447 View
Haibargaon Satellite Office 488T001 A.T. Road, DIST. NAGAON , 782001 View
Nalbari Branch Office 482 L. N. Road, DIST. NALBARI, 781335 View
Biswanath Charali Branch Office 48G Pabhoi Road, P.O. BISWANATH CHARIALI, SONITPUR 784176 View
Dhekiajuli Branch Office 48M Dhekiajuli, DIST. SONITPUR, 784110 View
Tezpur Branch Office 487 Tribeni Cinema Commercial Building, P.O. TEZPUR, DIST. SONITPUR 784001 View
Rangapara Satellite Office 487T001 Rangapara G and B Road, Rangapara, Dist. Sonitpur 784505 View
Tangla Satellite Office 573T001 MB Road, Tangla, Dt. Udalguri, 784521 View
Udalguri Satellite Office 573T002 PO-Udalguri, Dt.Udalguri (B.T.A.D.), PS-Udalguri, 784509 View
Shillong Branch Office 483 Jeevan Jyoti Building, P.O. DHANKHETI, SHILONG 793001 View
Jowai Branch Office 48L Mosalyngat Ladthalaboh, OLD S.P.OFFICE, JOWAI 793150 View
Nongpoh Satellite Office 483T001 Opp.Nangpoh Fire Station, N.H. 40, Meghalaya, Dist.Ribhoi 793102 View
North Guwahati Satellite Office 48CT001 ABHOYPUR, NEAR PETROL PUMP., P.O. NORTH GUWAHATI 781031 View
Bagnan Branch Office 43J Jayanti Bhawan, COLLEGE ROAD , KHATORE, BAGNAN 711303 View
Domjur Branch Office 43B Sarkar Bhawan, , SOUTH JHAPOREDAH, , P.O. + P.S DOMJUR 711405 View
Howrah Branch Office 441 506, G.T. Road(S), HOWRAH, 711101 View
Howrah Branch Office 442 Madhusudhan Apartment, 3RD FLOOR, P-18, DOBSON LANE, HOWRAH 711101 View
Howrah Branch Office 43E 27/3, G.T. Road (S), HOWRAH, 711101 View
Uluberia Branch Office 578 Narandra Cinema Compound, P.O. JADUBERIA, DIST. HOWRAH 711315 View
Amta Satellite Office 578T001 Milan Mandir, 2nd floor, VII-Saraiala, Jotkalyan, PO&PS-Amta, Dt. Howrah 711401 View
Bellurmath Satellite Office 442T001 235, G.T. Road, Belur Bazar, Belur Math, Dt. Howrah 711202 View
Howrah Satellite Office 43BT001 Prof.N De House, PO-Andul Mauri, Andul Bazar(nr.Rajbari),Dist.Howrah 711302 View
Shyampur Satellite Office 43JT001 VII & PO-Govidapur, PO-Shyampur, Dt. Howrah, 711312 View
Udaynarayanpur Satellite Office 578T002 Udaynarayanpur, VIII-Belgram, PO-Shingti-Shibpur, Dist. Howrah 711226 View
Triveni Bazar Satellite Office 443T002 LIC Triveni Bazar SO, BC Mitra Super Market, PO-Triveni 712503 View
Munshirhat Satellite Office 43BT002 Krishnakuja, SHANKARHATI, MUNSHIRHAT 711410 View
Arambagh Branch Office 449 Gourhati More, P.O. ARAMBAGH, HOOGHLY 712601 View
Chinsurah Branch Office 443 9, Jnanendra Choudhury Road , P.O. CHINSURAH , HOOGHLY 712101 View
Jangipara Branch Office 43C P.O. Jangipara, HOOGHLY, 712404 View
Pandua Branch Office 43H Santoshila Market (2nd FL.), NEAR SASHIBHUSHAN SAHA HIGH SCHOOL, G.T.ROAD, PANDUA 712149 View
Serampore Branch Office 444 Shahid Gopinath Saha Smriti Super Lane, , 1st floor, N.S> Avenue,, P.O- SERAMPORE, 712201 View
Singur Branch Office 4019 Satmandirtala, (BESIDE SINGUR CLUB), P.O.SINGUR, DIST.HOOGHLY 712409 View
Tarakeswar Branch Office 579 Post Office Road, P.O. TARAKESWAR, DIST. HOOGHLY 712410 View
Uttarpara Branch Office 43G Raja Pyari Mohan Road, P.O. UTTARPARA, DIST. HOOGHLY 712258 View
Chandan Nagar Satellite Office 443T001 Sreeniketan Apartment, , COURT MORE,, P.O. CHANDANNAGORE 712101 View
Chanditala Satellite Office 43CT001 Grihalasmi Bhawan, PO-Chanditala, Hooghly 712702 View
Kamarpukur Satellite Office 449T001 Nr. BDO Office, Goghat,Block-2, VIII-Madhubati, PO-Sripur, Hooghly 712612 View
Dhaniakhali Satellite Office 579T001 Central Bus Stand, VIII, somaspur, PO Dhaniakhali, Hooghly 712302 View
Haripal Satellite Office 4019T001 Haripal SO, VIII-Haripal, Station Bazar, PO Khamar Chandi, Dt. Hooghly 712409 View
Konnagar Satellite Office 43GT001 146/A/1 GT Road West, PO & PS-Konnagar, Dt. Hooghly 712235 View
Mogra Satellite Office 43HT001 Vill-Mogra, G.T. Road,, PO & PS Mogra, Dist.Hooghly 712148 View
Saidpur Satellite Office 449T002 Vill-Routara, Cinema Tala, PO- Saidpur,, PS-Parsura, Dt. Hooghly 712415 View
Howrah Divisional Office D043 Rallis Building, 16, HARE STREET, KOLKATA 700001 View
Baidyabati Satellite Office 444T001 KRISHNA KALI BHAVAN, 27A GRAND TRUNK ROAD, BESIDE AXIS BANK 712222 View
Gangtok Branch Office 508 M.G. Road, NEAR STAR CINEMA, GANGTOK, SIKKIM 737101 View
Jorthang Satellite Office 508T001 Lane-III, Jorthang Bazar, West Sikkim, Sikkim 737121 View
Balurghat Branch Office 599 P.O. Balurghat, , 733101 View
Gangarampur Satellite Office 599T001 Kaporhut Building, Dakshin Dinjapur, 733124 View
Kumarganj Satellite Office 599T002 PO+Vill. Gopalganjam, PS-Kumarganj, Dist. D-Dinajpur 733141 View
Bagdogra Branch Office 4004 Sukanta Pally, P.O. BAGDOGRA, DIST. DARJEELING 734422 View
Darjeeling Branch Office 454 Sai Shree, 4C, CHOWRASTHA, H.D.LAMA ROAD, P.O.&DIST. DARJEELING 734101 View
Siliguri Branch Office 453 Jeevan Deep, Guru Nanak Sarani, P.O. SILIGURI, DIST. DARJEELING 734401 View
Siliguri Branch Office 4005 Jeevan Deep, Guru Nanak Sarani, P.O. PRADHAN NAGAR, DIST. DARJEELING 734403 View
Siliguri Branch Office 45A P.O. Siliguri, DIST. DARJEELING, 734401 View
Siliguri Branch Office 45E Station Feeder Road, P.O. SILIGURI, DIST.DARJEELING 734405 View
Kalimpong Satellite Office 454T001 Ganga Building, 1st floor, Sahid D.B. Giri Road, PO-Kalimpong, Dist- Kalimpong West Bengal 734301 View
Maynaguri Satellite Office 45GT002 DURGA BARI MORE, DEBINAGAR, P.O.MAYNAGURI 735224 View
Alipurduar Branch Office 459 New Town, P.O. ALIPURDUAR, Dist - Alipurduar West Bengal 735101 View
Birpara Branch Office 479 P.O. Birpara, DIST. JALPAIGURI, 735204 View
Falakata Branch Office 45B Madari Road, P.O. FALAKATA, DIST. JALPAIGURI 735211 View
Jalpaiguri Branch Office 451 Shanti Para,, P.O.&DIST. JALPAIGURI, 735101 View
Jalpaiguri Branch Office 45G Kadamtala, P.O. & DIST.JALPAIGURI, 735101 View
Mal Branch Office 452 P.O. Mal,, DIST. JALPAIGURI, 725221 View
Jalpaiguri Divisional Office D045 Jeevan Prakash, POST BOX 71, P.O.&DIST. JALPAIGURI 735101 View
Jalpaiguri P&GS Unit G405 Jeevan Prakash, Post Box No.71, PO & Dst. Jalpaiguri, Jalpaiguri, Shantipara 735101 View
Alipurduar Satellite Office 459T001 Barobhisha, Alipurduar, Dist - Alipurduar West Bengal 736207 View
Dhupguri Satellite Office 453T001 SBI Building, PO Dhupgiri, Dist. Jalpaiguri 735210 View
Jaigaon Satellite Office 459T002 Sahu Steel, N.S. Road, Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri 736182 View
Haldibari Satellite Office 45GT001 Prantik Bhavan, PO- Haldibari, 735122 View
Coochbehar Branch Office 455 P.V.N.N. Road, P.O. & DIST. COOCHBEHAR, 736101 View
Dinhata Branch Office 506 Gopal Nagar Road, P.O. Dinhata, DIST. COOCHBEHAR, WB 736135 View
Mathabhanga Branch Office 456 P.O. Mathabhanga, DIST. COOCHBEHAR, 736146 View
Sitalkuchi Satellite Office 456T001 Sitalkuchi, SO, LIC of India, Coochebehar 736158 View
Toofanganj Satellite Office 455T001 Main Road, New Town, Ward No.12, PS-Toofanganj, Dist.Coochbehar 736159 View
Chanchal Branch Office 45D P.O. Chanchal, DIST. MALDA, 723123 View
Malda Branch Office 457 Niharika, RAJMAHAL ROAD, P.O. & DIST. MALDA 732101 View
Malda Branch Office 45F R.K. Pally, , N.H.34, , P.O. & DIST. MALDA 732101 View
Malda Satellite Office 457C001 C/o Pralay Kumar Das, Fulbari Manash Kamana Road, PO+Dist.Malda 732101 View
Malda Satellite Office 45FT001 Cooperative Building, Malda, Dist.Malda 732124 View
Malda Satellite Office 457T001 Niharika, RAJMAHAL ROAD, P.O. & DIST. MALDA 732101 View
Pakuahat Satellite Office 457T002 Indira More, Pakuahat, Maldah, 732138 View
Ratua Satellite Office 45DT001 Ratua, SO, LIC of India, Malda 732205 View
Islampur Branch Office 45C P.O. Islampour, DIST. UTTAR DINAJPUR, 733202 View
Kaliyaganj Branch Office 45H Kaliaganj Co-Operative Building , P.O. KALIAGANJ , DIST. UTTAR DINAJPUR 733129 View
Raiganj Branch Office 458 Super Market Building, P.O. RAIGANJ, DIST.